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Jan 292010

March 19 2011 – Gabriel Cannon, is accused of attempted theft of video equipment and personal belongings of some people in Studio City, in Ca. Gabriel Cannon is Nick Cannon’s brother.

Gabriel Cannon is accused of being in a conspiracy with a few others, to steal jewelry. The other alleged accomplices were not named by the press.

Nick Cannon has yet to respond to the report of his brother’s arrest.

Oct 26 2010 – Mariah Carey, 40, may be announcing her pregnancy on The Oprah Winfrey Show and The View when she makes her guest appearances on them. Carey, 40, is now 4 months pregnant in October. Carey is rumored to be carrying a baby son.

Carey wants to time the release of her news to coincide with her new Christmas album. She is also superstitious and does not want to celebrate her pregnancy publicly for fear that something bad might happen.

June 19 2010 – Mariah Carey debuts her new perfume called Lollipop Bling on Friday, June 18. Carey has a new baby canine but not yet her own baby.

June 2 2010 – Mariah Carey has backed out of the film “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf” because she is pregnant. Mariah Carey had to disappoint her director Tyler Perry when she dropped out of the movie.

Are Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon having a baby? Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey want to have a baby. Cannon said they had parenthood in mind but had to delay it. Cannon said being parents was an item on their to-do list but not high in the priorities.

Cannon, 29, kind of apologized for the delay by explaining his wife, 40, was on tour, while he had some personal gigs to fulfill. The world watches while the body clock ticks.

May 13 2010 – Mariah Carey & Suzanne Saperstein: Mariah Carey bought Saperstein mansion (photos)
A source said Mariah Carey bought Suzanne Saperstein’s mansion, Fleur de Lys. Suzanne Saperstein, in her late 40s, is the ex wife of David Saperstein. Suzanne and David were married for 21 years before the Texas billionaire and herself divorced in 2005. David Saperstein allegedly had an affair with their Swedish nanny, Hillevi Svensson, 32.

Suzanne Saperstein and Hillevi Svensson are both tall, blond, beautiful Swedish but Svensson was younger.

Suzanne Saperstein’s boyfriend now is Christopher Roselli, 33, a former pro soccer player.

Suzanne Saperstein is selling her estate named Fleur de Lys. Ms Saperstein’s asking price is $125 million for Fleur de Lys, in California. Mariah Carey allegedly bought the property.

The Fleur de Lys has 12 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms, a manager’s house, a spa and a pool, lavish garden, championship tennis court, a library and staff quarters for 10 staff.

Suzanne Saperstein and David Saperstein.

Suzanne Saperstein and David Saperstein

Fleur de Lys mansion.

Fleur de Lys

Suzanne Saperstein at W magazine.

March 30 2010 – Mariah Carey: Happy 33rd Birthday to Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey has received a pink Porsche for her 33rd birthday present from her beloved husband, Nick Cannon. Carey twittered about cannon’s custom made Porsche for her. Cannon also gave her a trampoline to exercise on.

March 11 2010 -Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey wants to act for Woody Allen
Mariah Carey has set her sights on an acting career. Carey dropped hints that she would love to work with Woody Allen.

Carey was fishing for an acting role when she said Allen’s movie, “Bullets Over Broadway”, was one of her favorite films. Carey claimed she could quote the movie lines since she has watched it numerous times.

Jan 29 2010 -Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey Angels Advocate March 30
Mariah Carey’s new album, Angels Advocate, will be released on March 30. Carey’s album was supposed to get a release in February but it has been postponed due to circumstances.

Carey’s tour promoting Angels Advocate is not getting full house bookings. Last week, Carey sold around 75% of a concert venue in Atlanta. Times are bad for people or the buzz about Angels Advocate hasn’t been strong enough.

Jan 6 2010 – Mariah Carey acceptance speech: Mariah Carey acceptance speech video
Mariah Carey gave her acceptance speech after being awarded for the Breakthrough Actress for the movie Precious. Carey was at the International Film Festival, at Palm Springs.

Carey started her acceptance speech by explaining she was a little “ “, at this, she made a sign that could have meant anything. She looked overwhelmed. Carey took her cues from her audience, even following their clapping.

Was Carey’s acceptance speech odd? Carey herself explained she was a little out of it.

Jul 7 2009 – Mariah Carey, Trey Lorenz, Michael Jackson: Carey, Lorenz at Jackson memorial (video)
Mariah Carey wore her respondent black gown with a low V-neckline. Trey Lorenz wore the classic men’s suit. Carey sang, “I’ll be There.” Carey gestured with her right hand, showing off her huge rock on her finger.

Mariah Carey, Trey Lorenz at Jackson memorial – video

Nov 24 2008 – Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon: Mariah Carey pregnant?
Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon were in Mexico for a mini vacation. During this short getaway, Mariah Carey wore something very unrevealing. Carey wore a dress instead of prancing around in her sexy, skimpy bikini suits. This has led to gossip and speculation that Mariah Carey may be pregnant.

Moreover, Carey drank non-alcoholic drinks instead of downing liquor. Mariah Carey also talked like as if she were expecting a child in the near future. She told a media outlet she was confident that Nick and herself would be able to figure out parenting and make good parents. Photos of Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon in Mexico are at the link.

Mariah Carey wants everyone to know that Nick Cannon did not consummate their love until after their marriage. I think it meant Nick Cannon did not see Mariah Carey naked until they were married. But Carey said they had intimacy, just not complete intimacy. Carey revealed this in an interview that she made Cannon wait to “Touch My Body.” And yes, Carey said it was worth the waiting.

Mariah Carey appears in UK’s “X Factor” live on Saturday, November 8. There was gossip about Dannii Minogue’s friction with Cheryl Cole, with an X-Factor female contestant. Carey’s appearance in X-Factor should improve the show’s ratings.

After X-Factor, Carey and Cannon will travel via private jet to Monaco. They have pulled all the stops and Carey will get diva treatment. Carey and Cannon will celebrate Monaco’s 20th anniversay World Music Awards.

Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama, played Carey’s 1993 hit song, “Hero” before the election results were announced. When Carey heard this, she said she was honored to have been in such an important part of the history of America’s first African-American President Elect.

Oct 31 2008 – Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon: Carey & Cannon Halloween pictures

Mariah Carey and her husband, Nick Cannon, attended a Halloween party dressed in matching costumes. Carey wore a fireman’s jacket, which was unbuttoned and showed off her pink bra. Nick Cannon was dressed to fight flames in his Halloween fireman suit. Mariah Carey has given her fans some memorable 2008 Halloween pictures in her Halloween costume.

April 15 2008 – American Idols sing Mariah Carey songs tonight
The contestants had a very tough time while they were rehearsing Mariah Carey songs. The mole at the show’s production said many of them missed notes and struggled with this week’s theme singer’s songs.

American Idols

The list is below.

Syesha Mercado — “Vanishing”
David Cook — “Always Be My Baby”
Carly Smithson — “Without You”
Brooke White — “Hero”
Jason Castro — “I Don’t Wanna Cry”
Kristy Lee Cook — “Forever”
David Archuleta — “When You Believe”


April 4 2008 – Mariah Carey beat Elvis Presley

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has beat Elvis Presley in selling her albums. If we held a poll here, how many would say they bought into her music?


April 4 2008 -Mariah Carey celebrated her 18th US number ones chart toppers with Touch My Body. She celebrated way too much and could not open her eyes as her bodyguard held her up as they made their way back to the hotel in London.

Drunk, undiva like:

Mariah Carey.

Mar 27 2008 – Latest comparisons of Mariah Carey’s images

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has become the latest poster child for airbrushing. Her perfect poster for her latest CD, E = MC2, showed some discrepancies. She became taller, much more tanned, slimmer, had flawless skin and was more glamorous.

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