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Apr 092009

Dec 23 2010 – Andrew Thomas Gallo, 23, was sentenced to 51 years in prison for his drunken driving that killed Los Angeles pitcher Nick Adenhart.

Sep 27 2010: Nick Adenhart and two others died and the jury has convicted the drunk driver, Andrew Gallo, 23, as guilty.

Updated June 13
There are charity auctions at www.oaklandathletics.com to raise funds in aid of Jon Wilhite’s rehab programs. Wilhite needs approximately tens of thousands for his treatments.

Updated June 8 2009 – Andrew Gallo pleaded not guilty to three charges of second degree murder. Gallo faces 45 years to life in prison if he gets convicted on those charges. Jon Wilhite was present in court to hear Gallo’s plea.

Updated May 28 2009
Andrew Gallo, 22, was indicted by a grand jury on three counts of murder and three other felonies in the crash that resulted in 3 deaths.

Jon Wilhite survived the crash. Wilhite is undergoing speech, physical and occupational therapy at a rehab center in California.

Apr 9 2009

Nick Adenhart, Courtney Stewart and another man were killed in a hit and run car accident. The fourth passenger, Jon Wilhite, survived. Adenhart, Stewart and another man died on the morning of April 9 when the accident occurred.

Nick Adenhart, 22, was a rookie pitcher for Angels of Anaheim, Los Angeles. Adenhart’s last game was on April 8. Sports journalists praised Adenhart as a brilliant pitcher making his fourth Major League start.

Courtney Stewart was the driver of the car accident in Fullerton, California. A minivan’s driver ran a red light and hit Stewart’s Mitsubishi. Stewart’s Mitsubishi smashed into a street light pole.

The minivan driver, Andrew Gallo, did a hit and run. He has been caught. Gallo faces charges of felony hit and run, felony DUI, vehicular manslaughter and maybe murder . The suspect, Andrew Gallo, was also injured and had treatment for his injuries.

Fullerton PD and Angels of Anaheim are expected to have a pres conference for the media at Angels Stadium in Anaheim. The Angels game on Thursday night, April 9 is canceled.

Andrew Gallo has a history of DUI arrests. Officials suspect Gallo drove despite a suspended driving license. Gallo had a previous drink driving conviction and his driver’s license was suspended. Gallo was described as under the influence at the time of the car crash.

Courtney Stewart and Jon Wilhite were students at Cal. State Fullerton. Wilhite is in hospital in a serious condition. Wilhite has regained consciousness and he can move his legs, which means he is not paralyzed.

Official website of the Angels of Anaheim, L. A.


TMZ 1. Photos of Nick Adenhart and related pictures are at the links.

TMZ 2.

TMZ 3.


Henry Nigel Pearson, 25, has been identified as the third person killed in the car crash. Pearson is the friend of Jon Wilhite. Henry Pearson was a law student. Pearson loved sports and wanted to become a sports agent. TMZ has Henry Pearson’s photo at the link.


Andrew Gallo has been arrested in 2006 and 2007 for driving related offences.

Andrew Thomas Gallo mug shots from 2006, 2007, 2009.


Courtney Stewart, 20, was a student at California State Fullerton. Ms Stewart was also a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Photos of Courtney Stewart are here.

Nick Adenhart, Courtney Stewart, Henry Pearson, RIP. Condolences and prayers to all those affected.

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