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Jul 212008

Robert Irvine was forced to quit from his former show, “Dinner: Impossible.” Robert Irvine has a new blog called “The Official Chef Robert Irvine Blog: The True Story.” Robert Irvine had his opinion that resumes were not that important in his blog. Robert Irvine’s old show, Dinner: Impossible was on the Next Food Network Star previously.

Robert Irvine

Robert Irvine

Robert Irvine’s downfall was partly due to his faked resume. Robert Irvine had lied about his knighthood in England, his college degree, and his faked experience as an accomplished chef in the White House. He did some work in the White House but the House refused to vouch for him when asked.

It was a long story. Robert Irvine had some merits but when his exaggerations were exposed, the good was forgotten.

Robert Irvine had debts as he owed people money for working on unopened restaurant projects. The one tuth is that Robert Irvine is a good cook.

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  3 Responses to “News from Dinner: Impossible Robert Irvine”

  1. I really liked Robert Irvine on the Dinner Imposs ible show, he was better than the new guy. I also think it is worth the food network to take another look.

  2. walt,

    I guess attack was a strong word but he wrote some to defend the issue of resumes. I edited that. Thanks.

  3. I read it and I don’t think he was attacking resumes so much as saying they didn’t play a role in his being hired by the Food Network. Seems he did work at the white house and for the royal family tho’. Maybe its worth another look- chefrobertirvineblog.com

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