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Aug 162010

A liger is a cross breed between a tigeress and a lion. A zoo in Taiwan, (the island formerly called Formosa), has bred the liger and three liger cubs were born. One liger passed away. The government intends to impose the heaviest fine, which is $1600, permitted under the law.

The World Snake King Education Farm, a private zoo, had a lion and tigeress kept in the same cage for the past 6 years. The owner of the Farm said the lion and tigeress were housed together in the same cage, since they were cubs 6 years ago.

The owner of the Farm will be fined for breeding the liger, as he failed to get permission before breeding started.

The adult liger is expected to grow into a bigger size than the average lion. There are around 10 ligers in the world presently.

Dr. Bhagavan Antle and “Hercules” the liger, in Miami, Florida.


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  1. I think it is useless to put a ban on these ligers. It is absolutely rubbish.

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