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May 292008

Updated Feb 24 2010 – Kathy Karrasch hitched a ride with Jim Gibbons from an airport but they denied being on the same trip to Washington DC together. Reporters wrote Gibbons and Karrasch flew in from Washington on the same plane.

Gibbons said they were riding the same car back because their homes in Reno, Nevada, were close by. The reporters at the airport confirmed what they saw.

Updated Feb 23 2010 – Chrissy Mazzeo sued Jim Gibbons, Nevada Governor, for sexual molestation. Gibbons denied this and counter claimed he hasn’t had sex since 1995.

Updated Dec 26 2009 – Dawn Gibbons has asked for 75 percent of their community property or 50 percent of that property plus a lump sum of $261,700. The Gibbons’ divorce will not go to court if a settlement can be reached.

Monday, April 6, 2009 saw court papers unsealed that showed allegations made by both Jim Gibbons and Dawn Gibbons.

Dawn Gibbons named two women she suspected of having affairs with her estranged husband. Kathy Karrasch and Leslie Durant, of Reno, Nevada, were alleged former girlfriends of Jim Gibbons.

Kathy Karrasch is the estranged wife of a doctor in Reno, Nevada. In 2007, Jim Gibbons used a state cell phone to send messages to Karrasch. Gibbons apologized and reimbursed the state $130 for the cost of his text messages to Karrasch. Gibbons allegedly texted several hundred messages to Karrasch.

Dawn Gibbons accused Jim Gibbons of having had an affair with Leslie Durant. Durant is the former wife of the ex Mayor of Reno, Pete Sferrazza. Leslie Durant was once a Playboy model.

Jim Gibbons married Dawn Gibbons in 1986. The Gibbons were married for about 22 years. Jim Gibbons filed for divorce in 2008. Jim Gibbons cited “incompatibility”. The Gibbons have 3 grown children; Chris Gibbons, Jennifer Gibbons and Jimmy Gibbons. The Gibbons’ grand children are Grant, Brooke and Riley.

Old post on May 29, 2008:

Dawn Gibbons, 54, claimed that her soon to be ex-husband, Jim Gibbons, 63, the Governor of Nevada, has a girlfriend. Based on that claim, she is asking the judge to make her divorce case go public.

Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons & Dawn Gibbons photo

Dawn Gibbons alleged that Jim Gibbons had a girlfriend who was married to a doctor in Reno, Nevada. Jim Gibbons has denied her claims. Jim Gibbons said that the cause for divorce was incompatibility. Dawn and Jim Gibbons were married for the past 22 years.

Chrissy Mazzeo, cocktail waitress.

Chrissy Mazzeo, cocktail waitress.

Chrissy Mazzeo had claimed that Jim Gibbons groped her in 2007. Jim Gibbons was cleared by the police in Oct 2007.

Jim Gibbons and his holiday cruise mates in 2005.

Jim Gibbons and his holiday cruise mates in 2005.

Dawn Gibbons video link.

Dawn Gibbon gossip.

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  3 Responses to “Dawn Gibbons, Jim Gibbons, Kathy Karrasch, Leslie Durant: Karrasch, Durant named”

  1. go chrissy beat the corupt gangsters who been framing people for years they belong in jail next to the inocent..its awsome a little waitress stands up to all these huge power hungry dirt bags,,GOD BLESS CHRISSY SHES ARE HERO

  2. This should have mentioned Mazzeo has sued Gibbons based on the incident in the LV parking garage which followed an evening of drinking with women-not-his-wife. Significantly, he has been ordered to provide a deposition in the case. There is no question in my mind there is merit to Mazzeo case. The guy is a liar, philanderer, and has shown no intellectual prowess. The soap opera continues.

  3. Gibbons is a slime bag. Cna’t keep his zipper closed while in Reno. Wonder what was happening in Washington DC. Were his call girls there look alikes of Crissy Mazzio?

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