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Feb 282010

Nov 13 2010 – Ne Yo and Monyetta Shaw have a new baby daughter named Madilyn Gracie Smith.

July 13 2010 – Ne Yo is sued by his former show promoters because he canceled his shows in 2008. Ne Yo canceled his New Year 2008 shows in Washington State.

The show promoter is suing Ne Yo as his booking agent allegedly failed to return the money deposit. The promoter wants $1 million for the refund of the $95,000 deposit, and damages for his ruined reputation when the performances were canceled.

June 25 2010 – Ne-Yo girlfriend Monyetta Shaw pregnant: Shaw & Ne-Yo baby updates (photos)

Ne-Yo’s girlfriend, Monyetta Shaw, is pregnant. Ne-Yo told Ebony Magazine that he was 30, and happily welcoming fatherhood. Ne-Yo said nothing about future plans for marriage.

Monyette Shaw, an actress, is rumored to be a familiar face among celebrities.

Ne Yo and Monyetta Shaw.

Monyetta Shaw & Ne-Yo

Monyette Shaw.

Monyette Shaw

Monyetta Shaw.

Monyetta Shaw

Monyette Shaw has acted in “Major Movie Star”, as a stand-in,
– “Soul Men” as the character “Odetta”
– “Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins”, as Nicole Ari Parker and as a banquest dancer with Clyde,
– “The Sun Will Rise” as a supporting actress,
– “Factory Girl”, as an extra.

Monyette Shaw is 5 feet 6 inches tall, and weighs 126 pounds. Shaw is an African American actress who sings with a soprano voice.

Steve McNair used to see Monyetta Shaw and she was rumored to be one of his mistresses. Sahel Kazemi allegedly knew about Shaw.

Shaw studied at the Southern University at Shreveport, and graduated from Louisiana Tech. Shaw has dated Ludacris, Dwight Howard, Hosea Chanchez, athletes and other celebrities.

Monyetta Shaw and Dikembe Mutombo, an athlete.

Dikembe Mutombo & Monyetta Shaw

Feb 28 2010 – Ne-Yo, Emil & Samuel: Ne-Yo group fight in Emil & Samuel
Ne-Yo and his entourage had an altercation in a restaurant in Oslo, Norway, on Saturday, Feb 27. Ne-Yo and his group were at the restaurant Emil & Samuel when the fight started.

A patron in Emil & Samuel took away a girl partying with Ne-Yo . The singer’s pal then punched a bus boy who worked in the restaurant. The employee threw up and passed out after the punch.

A second man in Ne-Yo’s entourage went inside the kitchen carrying a knife and he threatened the staff. He was eventually persuaded to calm down by someone in the restaurant.

Ne-Yo wasn’t directly involved in any altercation but he was deemed responsible for the behavior of his entourage.

Police were called and they waited outside Emil & Samuel for Ne-Yo and his entourage. They were detained by Norwegian cops and searched.

Emil & Samuel restaurant’s staff want to press charges against Ne-Yo.

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