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Mar 102009

Natasha Mikhailova, a girl, 5, has been found living with dogs inside an apartment in Chita, Siberia, Russia. Natasha Mikhailova behaved like a dog, walking on all four limbs, eating her dog with her tongue and did not speak human words. The apartment lacked heat, water and sewage. The home smelled bad. Natasha was dressed in torn, dirty clothes.

Natasha Mikhailova has been compared to a feral child. The feral children are raised by animals and show animal behaviors.

Natasha’s mother has been arrested for child neglect. Natasha’s father is being sought. Both parents could face prison sentences of 3 years if convicted.

Natasha Mikhailova was living with her father, Viktor Lozhkin, 27, and grandparents. Natasha’s mother was identified as Yana Mikhailova, 25. Ms Mikhailova had not seen Natasha for 2 years. Yana Mikhailova has been arrested for child neglect.

March 10 2009
Oxana Malaya story, Oxana Malaya photos, Oxana Malaya updates

Oxana Malaya was 8 years old when she was found in 1991. Oxana Malaya was a feral child raised by dogs in Ukraine. Oxana Malaya behaved like a dog. Oxana Malaya could not master a language after being rescued. Malaya lived in the Baraboy Clinic in Odessa for the disabled.

Oxana Malaya was 3 years old when her parents gave up caring for her. They were alcoholics. Oxana Malaya lived with dogs and started behaving like a dog.

Oxana Malaya is now 25 years old, going on 26. Malaya helps to attend to the cows at the Baraboy Clinic. Malaya can talk but she has a distance to go in socializing skills. Her doctors said it was unlikely Oxana Malaya could be rehabilitated into human society.

Oxana Malaya – photo link.

Oxana Malaya wiki. There are links at wiki.

Latest news available on Oxana Malaya story.

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