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Dec 202009

Natalia Ragozina won her boxing match against Pamela “Grenade” London, from Georgetown, Guyana. London was 60 pounds heavier than Ragozina but the “Russian Tsarina” wasn’t intimidated. Ragozina is now the champion of the heavyweight category for women.

Ragozina has won all 22 professional fights and won 13 of them with knockouts.

Ragozina won her first match in her home country by beating London. Previously, all her fights were overseas as Ragozina is based in Germany. She is known as Natascha Ragosina in Germany.

Ragozina has posed for Penthouse. In her personal life, Ragozina is a single mother with a nine year old son.
has won a heavyweight belt title. Previously, Ragozina won 7 super middleweight belts.

Ragozina has gone into other fields like acting and writing. Her book is entitled “Knockout from a Blond”.

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