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Oct 092008

Updated June 26 2009 – The court has ruled that it was wrong of Hustler magazine to publish nude pictures of Nancy Benoit (photos below) after her death. Before her death, Nancy Benoit had asked Hustler to destroy her naked pictures that were taken 20 years ago. After publishing Benoit’s nude photos, Hustler tried to argue that it was in the public’s interest to view Nancy Benoit’s pictures. The photos are below.

Updated May 12 2009 –
Chris Benoit crime scene photos: Chris Benoit crime scene pictures

Chris Benoit crime scene photos are in this video. Chris Benoit crime scene photos were taken at his home.

Oct 9, 2008
Nancy Benoit nude photos: Hustler mag Nancy Benoit naked pictures

Nancy Benoit was killed by her husband, Chris Benoit, a wrestler, in 2007.

Ten months later, in March 2008, Hustler magazine printed Nancy Benoit’s naked photos, which were taken long ago. Nancy Benoit’s family sued Hustler.

Nancy Benoit’s family said it was a violation of privacy since she had passed away. The judge ruled in favor of Hustler magazine. The judge said Hustler had the right to publish the photos, even when they could be considered “offensive and distasteful.” Nancy Benoit’s family is considering their options on filing a wrongful death suit against the WWE.

Nancy Benoit in Hustler magazine pictures are below.

Nancy Benoit and Chris Benoit photo is here.

Nancy Benoit in Hustler magazine pictures here. (NSFW photos)

Chris Benoit killed Nancy Benoit and his son, and then he committed suicide. It was alleged that steroids made him depressed or influenced his actions.

Nancy Benoit & Chris Benoit,


News source.

Nancy Benoit.

Nancy Benoit & Chris Benoit.

Nancy Benoit S & M outfit in wrestling picture.

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