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Namrata Shrestha

Namrata Shrestha

Namrata Shrestha

  18 Responses to “Namrata Shrestha”

  1. never ever b sory, dear namrata .// just make it sure dat u r comfort or not ? but always do 1 thing dat’s take care urself… keep smiling !

  2. Namrata, U r very sweet girl. As ur snaps are so beautiful. I really don’t know about ur personal life. But remember one things love that person who loves u but don’t love that person whom loves u. If i found opportunity to come Nepal i will give my 100 % to see u once. Love u and take care.

  3. hi i like you very very much.
    ilove you

  4. namrata,u r my favourate actress n u ii remain my favourate……..lastly if there is no 1 to support u den plz do remember me..i ll b there 4 u as a brother…..luv u n glade 2 see u oncemore in nepali film industry…….

  5. It’s ok

  6. why there is no comments for dickheads? if boys can have sex everywhere why not ladies? r u fucking gay or lesbian? everyone do sex, its natural. only mistake she has done is her sex life been exposed in the tape. thats only the difference. who ever fucking exposed her tape he/she is fucking stupid cunt.

  7. you all dickheads,, why having sex is an big issue?? same saraap goes to u all if u ever have sex in your life??

  8. i love u namrata

  9. dont u worry fren enen god has made a mistake then u are a women u just keep on walking on ur right path the success will kiss ur feet nothin to say more enjoy ur life fren

  10. ur not doing well u will realize wat u did n u will cry whole ur lifetime

  11. it also happen in life

  12. it’s ok everybody does mistake..but plz dont let it happen again.

  13. namrata u did not do a good thing now people are talking about vireo u were my favourite star but now that is all changed

  14. all live on sex.no one are ENEMY of sex.every HUMAN want to HUNTS of sex.all above 13 are fantasy on having sey.we are on ur side ……………,so don fell that u had don wrong. oi tantrik purba tira naaheja ……….,tiro gati chinaunu maan cha bhane matra auda hucha.BE WARE OF URLABARI GUY”S.

  15. Sorry

  16. Hey guys! wat kind of shit response is tht? n After watching the video,why only criticize NAMRANTA SHRESTHA. whoever have watched this video, y r they only pointing out her mistake in this… DJ tanrik chai gayeb?
    i dont give a fuck abt her/his life. who carez?o commom people. u might be the next victim?who knows?
    n i can see some ppl calling her pron star? damn ppl. its not a porn idiot people. fool of bunches arggg..ginlagdo nepali(few) haru j manlagyo tei vancha. kei garnu nai na hunu re.

  17. Hi namrata timita bigreko keti rahi6u sala dj sanga youm sampark garne timilai kunai kuwara milena ki kaso timilai pura duniya le net ma herdai6an valu sali

  18. hi frn i am so superise to see ur’s flim,i thought that in future u will be the most famouse in nepal by your good-flims but now you have done or u have gone in negvetive,so now i am thinking that you are not loving ur life why?if not why you are spoilling{useless}ur life.rather u didn’t get boy to marry in your life?oh my hopeless frn namrata shrestha our humans life is so precious, if u are doing like that an then i think that u will not reach to on top to show ur face to family + etc.so befoure u cut your name think about ur shotter life.dont go where the money is there,money is nothing with comperaing with life,if the human is good an then she/he can fulfill their famillys deminds also.if u go on pling like of that games even u cannot show ur face to ur all familys yes or no?????????????????think an choice ur way of life rather u want to go on right-way or u want to go on darkless way now i have no way to help.it’s urs choice.by buddhis student.choice {god/bad}to bee.

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