Nadairee Walters: Nadairee Walters died at Morris Avenue party

Nadairee Walters, 17, was killed on early Sunday, Nov. 16. Nadairee Walters was shot and then stepped on outside a house party in the Bronx. The house was at Morris Avenue. Police do not know the motive but are investigating. Besides Nadairee Walters, two teens, aged 17 and 18, were also shot. Both male teens had one shot each in their legs. These teens were sent to hospital but their names were not released to protect them, in case they were targets.

Modene Dawkins, 65, was a witness in the aftermath of the shooting. Dawkins heard 6 gunshots. She looked out her window and saw a girl fall. The other party goers trampled over her trying to get back into the house. Some came out to drag the fallen girl back in but the girl looked unresponsive and dead.

Dawkins said the party guests were frightened, and they yelled in their panic. The shooting supposedly happened when a group of strangers tried to gatecrash into the party. A group of men entered the compound and there was a quarrel. The homeowner did no know Nadairee Walters nor the gatecrashers. Nadairee Walters’ relatives have refused to talk to the press. Nadairee Walters’ mother was seen visiting the scene of the party on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 16.

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