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Oct 152008

In “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, (TRHOA)Nene Leakes chats with her gay friend, Dwight Eubanks. Leakes confides in Eubanks about the scenarios. Eubanks easily told her that cat fights and plastic people were expected. Dwight Eubanks has attracted some special attention for being the gay man Bravo picked to be in the cast.

Dwight Eubanks owns the established Purple Door Salon and Spa. Eubanks is a businessman who contributed to his society with charitable works. Eubanks downplayed his role in TRHOA. Eubanks said suddenly, people on the street recognized him and wanted to take his picture. Eubanks, at 50, said he was an old guy.

Eubanks acts like a girlfriend to Leakes. He said he was friends with all the ladies in the cast.

There was some gossip on Dwight Eubanks being in talks for a new show of his own.

Dwight Eubanks attends Melky Jean’s Birthday Party and Carma Fundraiser at The Griffin on June 21, 2009 in New York.

Melky Jeans Birthday Party and Carma Fundraiser

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  6 Responses to “Dwight Eubanks: Dwight Eubanks updates (photo)”

  1. Love you Dwight. You feisty old she human! Your alien like appearance attracts a lot of attention….sort of like a car accident. Keep doin what you do….whatever that is you freaky adrogeneous snake charmer.

  2. Hey, Nicole and Auntie Tara, Queens and Kings, only in the family, uncle dwight is real! real fun!
    Petra with Remax!!

  3. I love DWIGHT….he is OFF THE CHAIN!

  4. i love your style dwight keep it up,
    i am a hair styles in Bridgeport conn.

  5. Thank you for the link.

  6. I just found this Youtube video of Dwight being outrageous with one of his hair clients!


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