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Aug 032010

Sep 24 2010: Ndumiso Mamba allegedly hid in the base of a bed in a hotel room, when he was confronted by security officers who had overturned the bed. Foreign media have published the pictures.

It was alleged that Mamba was caught after rumors surfaced about Nothando Dube, 22. Gossip alleged Dube, King Mswati III’s wife number 12, could be having an extra-marital relationship. There were whispers that Dube disguised herself as a soldier to sneak out of the palace, to meet her male friend.

King Mswati III, 42, sacked Mamba, his Justice Minister, after the scandal broke out of hand when western media reported it. The local newspapers in Swaziland were banned from publishing stories about Dube allegedly cheating in her marriage.

Foreign media said Mamba was arrested and jailed. Mamba was a former childhood friend of King Mswati, who trusted him, and discussed the country’s business deals with him.

Dube was sent to live with the King’s mother and placed under 24 hour watch. Dube has given birth to two children fathered by King Mswati III. The King has 23 kids from all his wives.

Mswati Nothando Dube

Mswati Nothando Dube

Mswati Nothando Dube

Mswati Nothando Dube

Mswati Nothando Dube

King Mswati & Nothando Dube

Mswati Nothando Dube & Ndumiso Mamba pictures.

Sep 10 2010: King Mswati III of Swaziland has threatened to punish pro-democracy protesters with sipakatane. The beating of feet until they break causes the victims to be helplessly bedridden for many months. Feet have small bones and each and every bone may heal at a different pace of time. It could stretch to over a year.

Aug 3 2010:

Mswati Nothando Dube, the 12th wife of the King of Swaziland, King Mswati III, is facing possible banishment from the kingdom. Mswati Nothando Dube was caught allegedly with Justice Minister Ndumiso Mamba, in a hotel, in Mbabane. The charges need to proven.

Rumors said Mswati Nothando Dube has been placed under house arrest at her mother-in-law’s house. Ndumiso Mamba, who is a married man, has been jailed. Mamba was a close confidante to King Mswati III. If the charges are proven, Mamba could face serious consequences.

Mswati Nothando Dube,  22, was selected by King Mswati III, when she was 16. Dube was one of the 50,000 virgins who participated in the Reed Dance, where girls danced topless for King Mswati III.

Reed Dance virgins.

Reed Dance

Ndumiso Mamba.

Ndumiso Mamba

King of Swaziland, King Mswati III

King of Swaziland, King Mswati III

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  54 Responses to “Mswati Nothando Dube & Ndumiso Mamba”

  1. Wizards misled Ndumiso Mamba to believing that by bedding the king’s wife the sugar there will make him very powerful. He must stay away from wizards and witches.

  2. Ndumiso should stop spreading wicked stories about our culture. The things he writes about iNcwala are rubbish. This is a smear campaign.

  3. people KING MSWATI is the most brave person to live on this planet nawadays…..this whol thing never affected him ……he has mentained his majestic charmy smile….hats off for him…hes handsam and any man denying that,unesikhwele and any woman denying that as well, has got a secret crash which she dont wanna expose

  4. Ndumiso Mamba’s HIV and AIDS status can only determine his true intentions for sleeping with the king’s wife. Hopefully there was no hidden agenda.

  5. Ndumiso Mamba now falsely claims that LaDube was his. Utter rubbish! Instead of apologizing for what he did, Ndumiso maligns the king. This man is full of hatred towards the king and will end up killing him.

  6. Ndumiso Mamba is also spreading lies that LaDube belonged to him before she married the king. What nonsense! Face it guys, Ndumiso is 65-years old, the king 40 years old and LaDube 23, so when did this dirty old man started dating laDube? Unless Ndumiso means to tell us that he started seeing LaDube when she was 6-years old! Cradle Snatcher get over yourself please!!!!

  7. Ndumiso posing as Carol should not dare insult LaNgangaza. He must go to hell and not drag innocent people with him.

  8. Langangaza is bitchiest of them all,that woman has been shagged by every Tom,Dick&Harry,Dignity my black ass Roberta that woman can’t even spell dignity,she is a hardcore witch I bet she is behind this mess with the Ndumiso saga.

  9. It’s not about polygamy but about adultery. Ndumiso Mamba’s lack of morals is disgraceful. He is the horny rat that emerged under a mattress.

  10. I dont think that this thing ever happened

  11. Self distruction. The royal system is destroying itself. Mswati has many wives becasue he was taught to do so by the system which brought him up since the age of 11 when he was send to school in the UK with the very Mamba which is now insinuating itself within his wives legs. This Mamba has not an honest days work to his name, like the Person whos wife he was devouring. And the girl? What does she know shame other than she is so privilaged, no wonder she thinks she can copulate with whomever takes her fancy.

    Why have they put a picture of the delecabel laNgangaza here? Probably becasue she has so much dignity, style, grace. If I were to jump any of his Majz wimmen she would be numba one!

  12. This is not about the king, but about the horny rat Ndumiso Mamba who emerged under the base of a mattress.

  13. people lern to mind abt ur own bisness.leave the king and his family maters alone.as four u notty i fell so sorry 4 u girl u still young and need atention being in the royal family is such hactic

  14. One would normally expect a rat to emerge under the base of a mattress, but this time a huge rat emerged and a horny one for that matter!

  15. What manners should the king learn? The one to learn manners is the love rat Ndumiso Mamba who committed adultery with the king’s wide


  17. You are right about power play and motivation behind was witchcraft to empower him and weaken the king.

  18. well he aint the first , plenty other brothers been servicing the royal valet . question we need to ask is why ndumiso had to pick up the tab this time .you seeu gotta first take a look at palace politics an then u becvome aware of the major power struggle that ensues behind those corridors of power . it wasnt coz ndu ate sum royal pie . it was that the scales tipped and this time not in favour of ndu who also hapened to be one of the hommies indulging in some royal coochie at the time .so they kick him out under- the pretense that he he shagged one of the rayal rosies please …but it worked and when the media caught wind and everone patriotically and otherwise but nonetheless naively and predictably followed suit some one some where sat wit a big smile watching the blind lead the blind the mute speak on behalf of the revalations of the blind …truth be told if this wasnt about the politics power money and only the sex {when we knw they all go hanmd in hand }why wernt therest of the hommiies dabblin in royal p goodies exposed ..or are we to think what they wantus to? that he ndu was the only one and it was aonce off ?

  19. Why did this man specialize on the king’s wife. He must have been advised that the sugar there will give him extraordinary powers.

  20. There are those who worshiped Ndumiso Mamba and their livelihood is now threatened by his shameful conduct. The disgraced black mamba must publicly ask for forgiveness from the entire Swazi nation because he did not wrong the king on a personal basis but the entire country. If he had slept with Prince Makhosetive’s wife that would have been different because then the child to be king was a private citizen, but he bedded the now iNgwenyama’s wife and that is a national catastrophe! King Mswati ceased to be a private citizen when he ascended the throne and became Head of State, therefore Ndumiso’s ass-lickers must advise him accordingly to publicly ask for forgiveness from the entire Swazi nation.

  21. The verbal diarrhea you have just spit here must sound stupid even to your own ears!

  22. If it is right that the King should have so many wives, then it is right that each of the wives should have so many husband.

    But to Swazis that would not be the kind of logic that is easy to understand. Better to treat women like they were just carriers of vaginas, which are the more important objects than their carriers.

  23. Layeka writing on behalf of Ndumiso cannot heap such insults on any human being, let alone about the king. Shame on both you and Ndumiso Mamba.

  24. Mswati abducts and rapes young girls, so it serves him right! He forced the girl to be his wife at the tender age of 16! He’s also old now and can’t satisfy all these young girls sexually or else they wouldn’t cheat on him! One day one of his wives will screw someone who’s HIV+ and Mswati & his harem would all get infected! Living like a mormone this day and age is pure ignorance! Maye MUBI na Mswati bo! The older he gets the uglier. Wish he took example from the King of Lesotho and wed one wife HIS OWN AGE. And instead of living like a cave man; learn english! He struggles with the English language and the King of Lesotho speaks it so fluently it’s REALLY nice to hear him speak whereas Mswati is embarrassing cos he can’t eloquently express himself in English during interviews. Hell he can’t even help his nation, all he’s good at is raping young girls and forcing them to be his wives!!! Shame on u Mswati! Ukulayile lomngani wakho wena Mswati!

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