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Feb 282009

Monika Zsibrita filed a lawsuit against Chris Rock in Aug 2008. Zsibrita and Rock, a comedian, started a relationship in 1998. Rock met Zsibrita, a model, in Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills. Zsibrita and Rock had two dates.

Rock and Zsibrita had sex on their second date. Zsibrita later sued Rock for paternity claims. Zsibrita alleged Rock raped her. Anthony Pellicano, a P.I., was hired to gather evidence against Zsibrita. Rock appeared on the Howard Stern Show in 2004 and chatted about Monika Zsibrita.

Rock had 2 DNA tests to confirm the paternity lawsuit. Rock and Zsibrita had a confidential settlement. All this did not end. On Thurs, Feb 26, Zsibrita revealed a new lawsuit against Chris Rock.

Monika Zsibrita, 36, married and a home-maker mother, filed a lawsuit to get court papers made public. Zsibrita said she wanted her native Hungary people to be aware of her version of the story with Chris Rock. Zsibrita said she was thought of as a gold digger and she wanted to show how she was not.

Chris Rock, in the latest statement, said Monika Zsibrita was not pregnant with his child.

Monika Zsibrita photo link – NSFW.

Monika Zsibrita topless pic link – NSFW.

Chris Rock and wife Malaak Rock – photo link.

Details of latest lawsuit Zsibrita vs Rock – link.

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