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Dec 072008

Monika Skrzypkowski, 15, of Hersey High School, was killed in a hit-and-run accident. Monika Skrzypkowski was crossing Elmhurst Road. Skrzypkowski lived in Arlington Heights.

Skrzypkowski had called her mother to pick her up from her boyfriend’s place as they had finished a party there. Mrs Margaret Skrzypkowski arrived to see ambulances at the scene. She was able to hold her daughter’s hand. Margaret Skrzypkowski told Monika to hang on but she died in hospital of multiple injuries.

Police have found the driver and the car involved in the hit and run that killed Monika Skrzypkowski.

Monika Skrzypkowski left behind her parents, Margaret Skrzypkowski and Arthur Skrzypkowski, her siblings Kasia Skrzypkowski, 4, Adam Skrzypkowski, 6, and Martin Skrzypkowski, 13.

Monika Skrzypkowski‘s photo is at the link.

Monika Skrzypkowski
facebook page.

Monika Skrzypkowski, RIP.

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  8 Responses to “Monika Skrzypkowski: Monika Skrzypkowski died”

  1. aww this is really sad monika idziak told me this when i heard about this i felt really sad about what happen

  2. It was my buddy’s BDAY… She wasn’t drinking or anything. And that kid should rot in jail for trying to say he hit a garbage can and good thing he was messed up and called the cops on himself thinking he was gonna get away with his story.

  3. monika i miss you so much i cant belive your gone and b-day passted and you were not drunk or anything rip monia

  4. Oh and she was at her boyfriend’s family birthday party!

  5. She was not drunk, and even if she was, he still shouldn’t have been driving. It wasn’t her fault he was going beyond the speed limit under the influence, so don’t blame Monika.

  6. she wasn’t drinking.

    it was a family party for her boyfriend. she spoke with her mom moments before.

  7. Yeah that’s right. Blame it all on her. Geez!

  8. wat was she doin at a party? she musta been drinkin or somethin, but a 15 year old shouldnt b at a party n it was way past her curfew

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