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Apr 072008

Model Daisy Jones was unhappy with the show. Gok Wan, the host for Channel 4 show’s, How to Look Good Naked, has been exposed as a fraud. A model complained about his treatment of women behind the cameras. Daisy Idwal Jones claimed that he abused the models by name calling using derogatory terms like a ‘sl*g’, a ‘sl*t’ and ‘dirty little sl**s’. He also threatened with “I’m going to f**k you.”

Daisy Idwal Jones

Daisy Idwal Jones.

Daisy said that she was traumatized by her experience. She exposed Gok Wan as a bigot who pretended to respect women by showing them how to love themselves. Behind scenes, he was the opposite.

Channel 4 conceded to her request to remove all visible footage of her. Gok Wan wrote a letter of apology to her. He defended himself, saying his language was for humor.

Do you think Daisy has something to gain by blowing this up? This news came with the information that she has launched her own ethical model agency. Her goal was to prevent other models receiving mistreatment. Good luck, Daisy Jones.

The uncensored photo is at the source.

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  7 Responses to “Model Daisy Jones”

  1. Modesty is a virtue.

    You should say that over and over in your mind until you get the point and remember that MOST people in the world understand it.

    Those who want women to pose nude publicly should be ostracized and ignored and considered for what they are — enemies of the souls of those who want to know and live with peace inside.

  2. Hi there, I was actually working as a model on this shoot and can not disagree more with Daisy…what is she on about? Gok was an absolute gentleman ensuring that we were all comfortable and helping us to put our robes on asap as soon as the shoot was all done. Why do some people have to complain and lie in order to get attention? So sad to see adutls behave in this manner.

  3. What shit

  4. Big Tits Soft Tits Hot Tits…

    I can not agree with you in 100% regarding some thoughts, but you got good point of view…

  5. Thank you for agreeing with me- it wasn’t a plug, but if Daisy’s agency gets any kind of publicity out of this, even better. Just to clarify, it’s an ETHICAL agency, not ethNical.

  6. Hi. I have no objection. I asked the question because of the newspaper’s sly insertion of a partial announcement on Daisy’s agency. I had searched for her pics but have not done the footwork for her ethical agency.

    If you have other online resources on Daisy, please share here. Thanks.

  7. Hi honey, and what, may I ask, is her agency called?
    She gave this interview a year ago and the Mail tied it in with the start of the new series of HTLGN, not with Daisy launching her agency.
    She was more bothered by Gok referring to her genitals (not on display, just to clear things up!) in front of a laughing film crew than the foul language he used in general, and I think it’s about time someone exposed the way so-called celebs are abusing fellow performers, as well as generally pointing a finger at the more unpleasant sides of the business. As a former actress myself I can really relate, and as her friend I know how shaken she was by the unprofessional treatment she received.
    About time, too, agencies started treating models with the respect they deserve without withholding fees for months on end and encouraging girls to starve themselves! I don’t know how anyone can argue with that.

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