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Jun 232008

Mineola, Texas is a small town in Texas. “Silly pills” were fed to kids as young as 5 and children were forced to perform sex shows for adults in Mineola, Texas.

Patrick Kelly

Two criminals in Mineola, Texas were convicted in child endangerment charges and related charges. Shirley Chadwick, a resident in Mineola, Texas, said she was shocked.

Patrick Kelly, 41, from Mineola, Texas, was charged with sexual assault, tampering with evidence and doing organized criminal acts.

A parent of 3 siblings was among the 6 adults in Mineola, Texas who were charged with the crimes.
Jurors considered for less than 5 minutes and returned guilty verdicts for the accused in Mineola, Texas.

Jamie Pittman and Shauntel Mayo from Mineola Texas were already convicted and were in jail for life imprisonment.

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