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May 142008

Miley Cyrus tapeJuly 9 2010 – Miley Cyrus’ so called sex tape has not been leaked or confirmed but her slutty style stage attire has been criticized. Cyrus’ latest music album, “Can’t Be Tamed” had disappointing sales, as compared to her 2008 “Breakout” album. Cyrus’ fans can’t be tamed to accept her new image and they just aren’t that into her grown up sexy image.

Miley Cyrus tapePeople seem to think Miley Cyrus has a sex tape somewhere that is waiting to be exposed. As Miley grows up, she gets more and more tattoos. She dates more and more, She spends time away from her family. She already lives on her own. So people think there will be a Miley sextape. Its not happening yet.

May 17 2011 – Miley Cyrus went topless when she laid down for a tattoo inking on her back. Cyrus released her own topless picture, with her arms strategically positioned.

April 16 2011 – Miley Cyrus is going on her “Gypsy Heart Tour” in South America and Australia. Miley is giving North America the miss as she said the country did not love her presently. Meaning her music and movies did not sell as much as she expected.

Miley said she had waited to ensure her family was happy and back on track before she went away for her Gypsy Heart Tour. Miley said they are stoked for the tour, waiting with eager anticipation and getting hyped up for the event.

Miley is taking a Spanish language interpreter with her while touring South America. She admitted she failed Spanish and needs help to communicate while touring the places using Spanish as the major language.

March 25 2011 – Musa Danasabe Ibrahaim, 26, was arrested for trespassing in Miley Cyrus’ neighbor’s yard. Ibrahim said he had a date with Miley, even though it was 4 am and he was caught in the wrong yard.

March 17 2011 – Billy Ray Cyrus has asked his lawyers to drop his former divorce lawsuit on Tish Cyrus. Billy wants to reconcile with Tish and the rest of his family.

March 11 2011 – Miley Cyrus really speaks her mind. Miley hated it when the photographers took her pictures without asking her permission. She likes to remind the paparazzi that her privacy should be respected. Her own private time is off limits to the cameramen.

Just a couple of days earlier, Miley sounded off a cameraman who followed too closely behind her entourage and bumped into Tish Cyrus.

Trust Miley to stand up for her rights. She isn’t one to be afraid to admit when she has done a wrong. In an interview with Marie Claire, Miley said she made a bad decision to smoke a salvia bong at a private party.

Jeremy Piven, who acts in So Undercover with Miley, said he liked her. He was full of praises for his young co-star.

Miley Cyrus was voted the Worst Celebrity Influence Of The Year 2010. The previous year, 2009, saw Miley holding the same title.

March 8 2011 – Miley Cyrus has been communicating with Jared Followill, a band member of the Kings of Leon. Miley met Jared at the EMA in November 2010, and has been sending him cell text messages ever since. Jared is flattered and shows his friends the message he receives from Miley. Jared is also interested in Miley and the two celebrities have been flirting coyly.

March 8 2011 – In Saturday Night Live, March 5, 2011, Miley Cyrus was given a script to read that mocked Lindsay Lohan and her alleged necklace theft case. Lohan didn’t like the joke. She thought Lorne, her friend at SNL, has sold her out by making a parody of her. Actually, Lorne may be defending Lohan, as the scripted line was “I never stole a necklace or got a DUI …”

Miley impersonated her teen sensation celebrity compatriot, Justin Bieber, and several other celebs. Miley’s episode on SNL netted the second highest rating for SNL for this season.

Miley was Jimmy Fallon’s guest on his show in early March. Fallon asked her if she missed her old show, Hannah Montana.

Feb 28 2011 –
There are unconfirmed sources saying Billy Ray Cyrus had been booking interviews with magazines and TV shows to talk about the latest developments with Miley, because he was jealous of her success. Billy Ray had given interviews saying he blamed the Hannah Montana Show for breaking up his family. Miley wasn’t happy with her dad and gossip said she sounded him off.

Miley has a few tricks up her sleeves and a few secrets too. Rumors said she threatened to expose Billy Ray on some of his unsavory deeds so that shut him up. Next thing we all read was about how Billy Ray wanted to heal his family and work on their issues.

Meanwhile, Miley went to Haiti to help the Starkey Hearing Foundation distribute supplies. The Foundation is giving hearing aids and other resources for the hearing impaired and deaf children in Haiti.

Miley’s latest movie, “So Undercover” has found a distributor in The Weinstein Company. They bought the film’s distribution rights in the US. The Weinstein plans to release So Undercover in Oct 2011.

Billy Ray hasn’t spoken directly to Miley since Dec 2010. After his interview with GQ, Miley was none too pleased. So when she learned he was going on The View, Miley persuaded her Dad to cancel that TV appearance.

Billy Ray said he had allowed Disney’s handlers to take too much control over Miley. He wished he had disciplined Miley more. Billy Ray thought there was going to be a storm and bad times ahead for Miley. He wants to help shelter her but regrets it may be too late.

Michael Lohan has jumped into the bandwagon. Lohan wrote an open letter to Billy Ray, telling him he sympathized and understood his predicament.

Feb 3 2011 –
Miley Cyrus is allegedly dating Joshua Bowman, her new co-star of “So Undercover”. Cyrus is often linked romantically to an actor of whatever movie she has starred in.

Joshua Bowman is British and So Undercover is his first role in Hollywood. This might be Bowman’s breakout career moment and Miley is going to help him with newly gained exposure.

Bowman is older than Cyrus. Bowman is taller, handsome, and has a distinguished British accent.

Dec 24 2010 – Miley Cyrus posed for lesbian type of pictures with her female dancers. One female dancer stuck out her tongue and pretended she was licking Miley’s breast. Pictures at Link.

Dec 17 2010 – Ryder, a Canadian radio DJ on Wired 96.3 program Ryder & Brandy’s “The Big Show”, performed a live experiment with salvia. Ryder wanted to show the effects of salvia and campaign for parents to sign a petition to ban salvia in Canada. Ryder believed salvia was potent and would like the government to make it an illegal drug to consume.

Dec 15 2010 – Pornhub.com, a R rated website, has offered Miley Cyrus an internet webpage to host her R Rated adventures. Pornhub released a statement saying they felt Miley Cyrus could be helped by sharing her life on a platform that could be an outlet for her to express her transition from a teen into an adult.

Dec 14 2010 –
Anna Oliver shot the video of Miley Cyrus smoking the bong with salvia. Oliver is also friends with Demi Lovato. Oliver and Lovato spent time together hanging out and attending church together. After her name was leaked out as the videographer of Miley’s infamous bong smoking, Oliver went into hiding. She received threats on her Twitter account page and she deleted it.

Anna Oliver & Demi Lovato

Anna Oliver & Demi Lovato

Anna Oliver & Demi Lovato

South Beach Smoke, a company that makes e-cigarettes, offered to wean Miley off the bong and salvia. South Beach Smoke offered a free electronic cigarette and a year’s supply of nicotine cartridges.

It seemed Cyrus’ representatives tried to buy up copies of her bong smoking video before it was leaked. They offered several college students money or in kind for copies of Miley’s bong video. At least one student traded in a used MacBook Pro computer for a brand new one.

Dec 13 2010 –
Miley Cyrus remained unaffected by her recent scandal using the bong to smoke salvia. Sales of Salvia have increased as people were curious to try the herb. They want to have some of what she was smoking.

Cyrus is in New Orleans, working on the set of “So Undercover”.

On Sunday, Cyrus watched the New Orleans Saints beating St Louis Rams, 31-13. Taylor Lautner, of the Twilight saga fame, was also at the football game.

Dec 13 2010 – Miley Cyrus’ former best friend has rubbished the pop star’s claims of being bullied in middle school. Nicole Mullen-Holm has called Miley’s bluff. Nicole said Miley was the bully and was mean to all the girls.

Nicole and Miley had attended Heritage Elementary School and Heritage Middle School, in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Mullen-Holm said they used to be good friends until Middle School, when Miley became different.

Mullen Holm disputed Miley’s account in her memoir, “Miley Cyrus: Miles To Go”.

Dec 10 2010 – Miley Cyrus celebrated her 18th birthday by smoking a bong in her LA home. Cyrus tried her hand puffing on salvia, a herb which induces psychedelic effects. Cyrus allegedly had a case of the giggles after smoking the bong.

Salvia divinorum has some nicknames. It is also called Diviner’s Sage, Maria Pastora, Seer’s Sage, or just salvia. The herb is consumed via smoking, chewing, or in a brew. The drug has a mixed response from as many as 18 States in the US. Salvia is illegal in 12 States. It is a controlled substance in Delware, New York, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey and Tennessee. Its easy to buy salvia online. Its selling price is $5 per gram. Salvia used to be only for shamans in Mexico but has been used a recreational drug elsewhere. Salvia gives hallucinations like LSD drugs.

Bill Ray has seen the video of his daughter smoking the bong. He apologized, saying much of what was happening was beyond his control.

Miley Cyrus smoking salvia bong video:

Nov 24 2010 – Miley Cyrus was allegedly seen smoking on Saturday, November 20, 2010. Cyrus was supposedly dealing with stress in her life and started smoking to ease her tension. Miley was still 17 last Saturday when she was spotted chain smoking, with disheveled hair and messy makeup.

Nov 22 2010 – Mike Posner, a singer, has denied rumors that he was dating Miley Cyrus. Posner said while Cyrus was a nice girl, she was too young for him. Posner isn’t robbing the cradle.

Miley Cyrus celebrated her 18th birthday with her Mom and friend in a club.

Miley Cyrus necking

Nov 9 2010 – Miley Cyrus dating Jared Followill,

Miley Cyrus may be dating Jared Followill, one of the brothers bin the band Kings of Leon. Cyrus had spoken about her liking for Followill, calling him good looking. Cyrus reportedly met Followill at the EMA and spent some time texting him during her free time in the show night. Cyrus and Followill were seen leaving the EMA together.

Nov 2 2010 – Miley Cyrus & Kevin Zegers staged sex story music video

The band Rock Mafia made a new music video for their song, The Big Bang and it stars Miley Cyrus and Kevin Zegers.

Miley Cyrus and Kevin Zegers act in the video as young lovers where the gal gets distracted and drifts away from her man.

Miley Cyrus & Kevin Zegers staged sex story music video

Nov 2 2010 – Rumors said Tish Cyrus had an affair with Bret Michaels

Billy Ray Cyrus filed for divorce because Tish Cyrus allegedly hade an affair with Bret Michaels. It all started with a professional relationship when Miley practiced and sang a duet with Bret Michaels.

Tish Cyrus was seen at Bret Michaels’ show in February 2010. Slowly, Billy Ray learned about the affair and he filed for divorce.

Oct 27 2010 – Miley Cyrus’ parents, Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus, have filed for divorce. The former couple has released a joint statement saying they are divorcing due to irreconcilable differences.

Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus were married for 17 years. They have 5 children. Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus filed for divorce on Wed, Oct 27, in Tennessee.

Oct 2010 – Miley Cyrus was snapped while on an outing with her younger sister Noah Cyrus, Miley wasn’t wearing her bra.

Miley Cyrus braless

Miley Cyrus braless

Sep 17 2010: Miley Cyrus has a ticket for talking on her cell phone while driving. The latest in Cyrus’ traffic violations has surfaced. A restaurant parking attendant said his 1991 Toyota Camry was wrecked when Cyrus smashed into his vehicle while driving her mother’s Mercedes SUV.

The man in Los Angeles said Cyrus gave him her telephone number and left the scene of the accident. Cyrus probably thought he would call her to ask for payment of damages and that was how she would handle it.

The victim has engaged a lawyer to handle his case and it looks like he’s asking for a sum to cover more than his wreckage.

Meanwhile, Miley continues to paint the town red with her flashy, skimpy tops that show her bra and skin.

Aug 28 2010 – Miley Cyrus was seen out with her co-star in LOL. Douglas Booth and Miley were at Lion’s Den in Michigan. A restaurant staff said Miley and Douglas were acting like girlfriend and boyfriend.

Aug 25 2010 – There will be no more gossip about any possible sex tapes done by Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. Miley Cyrus has broken up with Liam Hemsworth. Miley and Liam had been dating for a year but things never worked up. Liam is a far shot from Miley.

Aug 24 2010 – Miley Cyrus’ character in the new movie LOL has her losing her virginity, smoking weed, downing drink, kissing a female, having done a bikini wax and lots more bad stuff. Miley is kissing her good girl image goodbye.

Aug 12 2010 – Rumors said Miley Cyrus wants to get plastic surgery to enhance her breasts. Miley allegedly asked her parents to sign the consent forms for her boob augmentation. A source said Miley aspires to get mammary glands as big as those belonging to Holly Madison.

Aug 6 2010 – Miley Cyrus is not recording her sex tape but filming LOL. Miley took a break during a lax period in filming and visited Cedar Point in Sandusky, on Friday, Aug 6, together with her entourage. Miley and her gang rode the roller-coasters and was at the amusement park for about 6 hours.

August 3 2010 – Miley Cyrus is in Detroit to shoot her movie “LOL”. Miley, 17, went night clubbing with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Miley was at Mar’s Bar in Detroit. Although Mar’s Bar is famous for its 21 and above entry requirement, Ms Cyrus was there. Lucky for the under-aged Miley, no one saw her drinking anything stronger than what she was supposed to drink.

Miley Cyrus is shooting for new movie “LOL”.

LOL, or Laughing Out Loud, was written and directed by Lisa Azuelos-Allesandrin. Ms Lisa was the original writer and director of LOL (2008), the French original, which starred Sophie Marceau and Christa Theret.

The plot of LOL follows the tumultuous relationship of a mother and her teenaged daughter. The growing up years are never easy and no doubt, LOL will gather empathy as the audience may identify with the themes.

Demi Moore allegedly plays the mother, while Miley Cyrus may be cast as the daughter. Ashley Greene is a co-star in LOL.

July 18 2010 – Miley Cyrus gives fair warning that her future endeavors would be for her 16 to 26 year old fans. Cyrus said she would be acting in an adult movie to cater for her older fans who grew up watching the seasons of Hannah Montana.

July 11 2010:
Hannah Montana Forever.
Many Miley Cyrus fans are heartbroken over the end of the series. Season four is named Hannah Montana Forever to pay tribute to the fictional character that has captivated millions of fans all over the world. Hannah Montana Forever has premiered and fans are getting ready to say farewell to Hannah Montana. Miley Cyrus has grown up and doesn’t want the daily grind of a seasonal TV show. Miley doesn’t even want a singing career. Miley wants to make it big into the movies. Miley Cyrus wants some hot roles that will make her the next Megan Fox or Kristen Stewart.

Cant Be Tamed:
“Can’t Be Tamed” sold 102,389 in its first week, which was a low number as compared to Breakout in 2008.

Miley Cyrus’ early fan base was from her Hannah Montana days and they were around early grade school age. Even as the fans grew up, they are still in the grade school to early high school age. Some fans are wishing Cyrus would retain her innocent Hannah Montana image.

Miley’s older male fans are growing up too and they may appreciate her sexier image more then her female fans. Miley’s young fans can’t separate her two personas. Miley has a TV alter ego which seems to impress upon her younger fans more then her new, teenage stage ego.

Mothers can’t be tamed too when it comes to approval for their young children. Mothers may decide to switch off the TV or refuse to buy Miley’s latest album, “Can’t Be Tamed”, for their daughters.

There are mothers who can be tamed as they understand Cyrus is seeking a new fan base in the older demographic zone.

Miley Cyrus can’t be tamed by her former Hannah Montana show producers as she is no longer contracted to them. Disney reps have said that they are not responsible to guide Miley Cyrus by giving her advice on her personal transition from the young teen to maturing teen stage.

Taylor Momsen on Miley Cyrus.
Miley Cyrus fellow celebrities are also speaking up. Cyrus had an unlikely defender in Taylor Momsen. Taylor used to have a regular role in TV’s Gossip Girl. But she quickly had to make her transition into a singer of her own band as she became jobless.

Momsen said she wouldn’t comment on Miley Cyrus negatively but she knew that Disney’s promotion of an innocent image was “pathetic”. Look how Miley is breaking out of the bubblegum and going into more of the lollipop image.

Taylor Momsen said she was aware that people compared her to Miley Cyrus sometimes because of their similar teen ages, but she stressed she was different. According to Momsen, Disney’s squeaky clean pop stars looked like they were repressed.

Taylor and Miley both dig some rock music. Miley likes Bret Michaels, while Taylor likes to create her own brand of rock.

Taylor Momsen is usng themes about death, love, sex, drugs, religion, politics and other controversial issues.

Dolly Parton on Miley Cyrus.
Dolly Parton defended Miley Cyrus. The country gals do stick together. Dolly Parton says Miley is beautiful and trying to grow up. Then Dolly says something controversial as in, “I remember when I was horny and young”.

June 11 2010 – Ever since Miley Cyrus moved into her own digs, there has been renewed interest in a possible Miley Cyrus sex tape. Liam Hemsworth is rumored to be living with Cyrus in her home so there has been an allegation that a sex tape might exist.

However, those who know Miley, also know she has been trying to be a strong Christian, so a sextape is unlikely.

Miley Cyrus “Can’t Be Tamed” review.

A 10 year old female Miley Cyrus fan bought “Can’t Be Tamed” and gave us a short review.

I am a fan of Miley Cyrus and I have bought all her music albums, some of her merchandise, and watched Hannah Montana. I was happy to buy a copy of “Can’t Be Tamed”. I listened to her new album and watched her performances in the DVD.

In “Can’t Be Tamed”, Miley wrote her own songs which reflected her more grown up status.

Miley’s back up dancers are cool, showing a mix of modern, ballet and classical moves in dances. In contrast, in Miley’s stage shows, she uses different dance moves.

In the DVD, Miley shares her journey from the moment she travels to her concert venue, to the time she is bundled to her van to make her journey back into her private world. The DVD contained old footage from her Wonder World Tour. There are backstage interviews that show us Miley behind the scenes. We see what happens behind the stage and all the work that is done to prepare for a show. In two of Miley’s movies, the same kind of filming was shown about the backstage preparations.

Miley’s “Cant Be Tamed” is her last music album as she is taking a break to concentrate on acting.

Miley Cyrus’ performance of songs in DVD:

Breakout, Start All Over, 7 Things, Kicking and Screaming, Bottom of the Ocean, Fly on the Wall, Let’s Get Crazy, Hoe down Throw down, These Four Walls, When I Look At You, Obsessed, Spotlight, GNO (Girls Night Out), I Love Rock & Roll, Party in the USA, Simple Song, Hovering, See You Again, The Climb.

Miley Cyrus “Can’t Be Tamed”, Deluxe Edition, CD/ DVD Combo:

June 22 2010 – Miley Cyrus performed in Canada at a music festival where she was also the host. Cyrus wore a white corset with a narrow crotch and during a vigorous dance session, her groin cloth flap opened wider than usual. It seemed Ms Cyrus wasn’t wearing underwear of if she did, it was a sheer, flesh colored one.

Once again, Perez Hilton has courted controversy by posting the unedited photo of Miley Cyrus with her ladies’ area exposed. The picture link is safe but yet not very safe if you count the fact that Ms Cyrus is a minor.

June 17 2010 – Miley Cyrus is acting in Lisa McMann’s novel, “Wake”. Lisa McMann has written a trilogy and Miley Cyrus is going to be a big screen cult actress, like the Twilight stars. After “Wake”, McMann has “Fade” and “Gone”.

Lisa McMann’s novels follow the lead character, Janie, 17, who is a type of dream catcher as she sees other people’s dreams. Sometimes, Janie views visions she isn’t supposed to see and she is in danger because she knows these secrets.

June 16 2010 – Miley Cyrus has a new ear tattoo proclaiming “LOVE” on her right ear lobe, above her ear stud.

Miley Cyrus and Bret Michaels are going to sing “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” together in a duet. Cyrus and Michaels are making their appearances together on Good Morning America, on Fri, June 18. Cyrus has included Michaels’ song in her latest album, “Can’t Be Tamed”. Recently, Cyrus has been presenting an edgy image to show her transition from a tame Disney star into a free artist.

For people who are wondering about the large age gap between Cyrus and Michaels, they can set their fears at rest. They are family friends so no worries there.

June 14 2010 – Perez Hilton’s twitter
Perez Hilton’s twitter took some bashing when he posted a photo of an uncensored Miley Cyrus upskirt snap. Hilton’s twitter was hit by backlash who called him out for posting child pornography as Cyrus is under-aged at 17.

Miley Cyrus wore a short white dress and exposed herself when she got out of her vehicle. She was wearing underwear.

Miley Cyrus – Perez Hilton picture at link.

May 14 2008 – Miley Cyrus sex tape original
People are searching for the Miley Cyrus Sex Tape. After all, Miley Cyrus has done nude photos so the next natural progression would be the Miley Cyrus Sex Tape. We already had the Miley Cyrus Oral photos and other tantalizing Miley Cyrus pictures so it might be a matter of time before the Miley Cyrus Sex Tape hits the internet.

Miley Cyrus sharing candy.

Miley Cyrus sharing candy.

Miley Cyrus does as she sees others do. The latest Miley Cyrus publicity pictures showed Miley Cyrus in a Got Milk ad. Miley Cyrus was wearing a nice, decent top and jeans. But… She was seated with one leg up and another down. The open coffee shop stance or less politely, the standard pose offered by all hens in hen houses.

Miley Cyrus Got Milk ad

It won’t be long before this happens:

Eva Mendes in Italian Vogue

(Eva Mendes in Italian Vogue May 2008)

After the Miley Cyrus Got Milk ad came out, people caught on like fire to the idea and started searching for the Miley Cyrus Sex Tape.

Miley Cyrus’ Dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, has often posed in an open legged stance or seated in a position that depicted toughness. What was good for the male dominance and macho sadonistic image may not be good for the Miley Cyrus image.

Who was responsible for the Miley Cyrus Got Milk ad that started all this Miley Cyrus sex tape buzz?

It must be a joke.

Miley Cyrus is so young at 14. She’s got milk? How did she get milk without the pre-requisite?

Nasty. Got Milk sure knew how to take advantage of some.

Miley Cyrus book photos (underwear/ exposure/ boy friend photos)

Miley Cyrus has signed a 7 figure book deal with Disney. Its a Miley Cyrus autobiography with brand new photos. It maybe ghostwritten, like Jordan’s books. The Miley Cyrus book will detail Miley Cyrus’ rise to fame and be the usual kind of guidebook on Miley. It will be published in Spring 2009, to coincide with the Hannah Montana feature movie.

Miley Cyrus

More explicit pics below.

Please click on thumbnails to expand pics.

Miley Cyrus racy pictures:

Miley Cyrus flashes bra and boob.

Miley Cyrus flashes green bra and boob.

The boy was not identified. Is he really her boyfriend?

Miley Cyrus cuddles a boy.

Miley Cyrus cuddles a boy. Whose house is it? Whose bed is it? Who took the pictures?

Miley Cyrus flashes her abdomen.

Miley Cyrus flashes her abdomen.

Miley Cyrus hugs a boy.

Miley Cyrus hugs a boy.

Miley Cyrus up close and personal with a guy.

Miley Cyrus up close and personal with a guy.

These photos were available before Monday, April 21, 2008. By the next day, Miley Cyrus became national news in US. On Tuesday, the publisher announced the Miley Cyrus book deal. It does not look coincidental.

Welcome to the Miley & Mandy Show.

Miley Cyrus and her gal pal, Mandy Jiroux, have set up their own show on YouTube. While one is underaged, the other is legal tender. Mandy rides on the fame of Miley. Let it stop at that riding. Click on Mandy’s thumbnail to enlarge.

Mandy Jiroux

Miley Cyrus’ new man is Marshall. Marshall is a dancer in Miley Cyrus’ show. Miley Cyrus was seen hugging and kissing Marshall.  No one has posted Marshall’s photo.


Miley Cyrus videos: here.

Posted on June 16 2009 –

Miley Cyrus is only 16 in 2009. Viewing a minor’s sex tape is pedophile pornography. That has not deterred someone from photoshopping a fake picture of Miley Cyrus giving BJ to an organ.

Miley Cyrus BJ – fake photo link.

May 11 2010: Miley Cyrus did some dirty dancing with Adam Shankman. Photos showed Miley Cyrus giving Adam Shankman a lap dance.

At the wrap party for Cyrus’ movie, “The Last Song”, she was seen dirty dancing with Adam Shankman, a director and choreographer. Sources said Cyrus did some grinding, groping and undressing of Shankman. Some parents took their kids home when they saw Cyrus dirty dancing with Shankman.

Somebody allegedly has the video tape on Miley Cyrus and Adam Shankman doing hot dirty dancing together.

Shankman, 44, was the producer of Cyrus’ movie, The Last Song. Shankman referred to Cyrus as like his sister, and he is an openly gay man. Cyrus’ parents were absent at that party.

Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber.

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber had a business cum pleasure date at Ari-Ya Sushi restaurant in West Hollywood, on Monday night, May 10. Justin Bieber said Miley Cyrus had fun with him. Cyrus was smoreserious, bearing in mind Kim Kardashian received death threats from Bieber’s fans when they grew jealous of what Bieber said about his female companion. Cyrus said they had a business meeting to dicuss a project.

Miley Cyrus & Adam Shankman.

Miley Cyrus & Adam Shankman dirty lap dancing

March 19 2010:
Liam Hemsworth introduced his girlfriend, Miley Cyrus, to his parents, during their previous visit to Australia. Cyrus said the Australian media didn’t intrude into their privacy.

Liam Hemsworth said his parents loved Cyrus and they enjoyed a good bonding time Down Under.

Feb 21 2010 – Miley Says Goodbye, Miley Says Goodbye to Hannah Montana (photo)

Miley Says Goodbye but you can watch her saying goodbye over and over again. Walt Disney Studios is making the last buck out of their Hannah Montana show.

Miley Cyrus has left Disney since the last season for the show wrapped. Her milestone has been taped into a season finale DVD special.

This offering is a special tribute named “Miley Says Goodbye?” Miley has to answer the age old question on whether she wants to stay in Hollywood or move back to Tennessee.

In a way, Miley Cyrus says goodbye to her old show but she’s moving on and concentrating on her music career more than her acting one.

Feb 15 2010 – Mark Indelicato hates Miley Cyrus music
Mark Indelicato hates Miley Cyrus music. Mark Indelicato, a young actor in Ugly Betty, doesn’t like Miley Cyrus’ music. Indelicato tweeted a snarky one on Miley Cyrus and was overwhelmed by her fans jumping on his rudeness.

Feb 12 2009 – Lucie J Kim sues Miley Cyrus: Kim vs Cyrus for racism
Lucie J Kim has sued Miley Cyrus.Kim said she represents 1 million people of Asian Pacific Islander descent in the L.A. area. Kim said she and other Asian descendants were victims of racial discrimination.

Miley Cyrus, Justin Gaston and some friends slanted their eyes, squint their eyes and posed for pictures. Cyrus said it was nothing but making goofy faces. Cyrus apologized on her official website.

Lucie J Kim’s lawsuit asked for a minimum of $4000 for each of the estimated 1 million Asian Americans in LA. That would exceed $4 billion. Kim alleged that Cyrus was aware that her conduct showed racism.

Miley Cyrus’ representatives have not commented yet on this lawsuit.

Feb 12 2009 – Margaret Cho & Miley Cyrus: Cho serenades Cyrus (photos)
Margaret Cho has penned a song in response to Miley Cyrus’ photos showing herself and her friends posing with slanted eyes. Cho blogged that she was so upset she wrote a song. Read Margaret Cho’s “Oh Miley” here.

Margaret Cho serenades Miley Cyrus link with photos.

Updated Dec 24 2009 – Miley Cyrus kissing Liam Hemsworth: Cyrus Hemsworth farewell kiss (photo)
Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus’ alleged boyfriend, was involved in a physical altercation in Hollywood. Liam Hemsworth and his brother, Chris Hemsworth, were angry with a guy at an event. This happened a few months ago.

Vanity Fair would be embarrassed right now as the Hemsworth brothers are featured on its December issue cover.

Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth were lucky that the security managed to break up the fight without having the need to call in the police.

Aug 21 2009
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth kissed goodbye when the actor left after “The Last Song”. Hemsworth acted opposite Cyrus in the movie. Alex Emanuel, another actor, saw Cyrus grabbing Hemsworth for their farewell kiss and described the moment as romantic.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth kiss – photo link.

Dec 16 2009 – Miley Cyrus sister Noah Cyrus rap dance (video)

Noah Cyrus, sister sibling of Miley Cyrus, decided to show off some rapping skills at a round circle of adults. Miley Cyrus was present and dressed in a shimmery wig.

Noah Cyrus and Miley Cyrus were backstage when they had a gathering of stage hands and staff. The Cyrus camp taped the rap song-dance.

Dec 4 2009 – Miley Cyrus new tattoo: Miley Cyrus new tattoo photos

Miley Cyrus has a new tattoo. Cyrus showed off her new ink at the Fontainebleau Resort on Miami Beach. Cyrus had just finished her tour and was spending time chilling out at the water with her friends.

Cyrus was seen with her new tattoo just below her left boob. The tat read “just breathe”. It may be a permanent ink or just a temporary one. The legal age for getting tattoos is 18 and Cyrus is 17. Some gossips speculated that Cyrus may have gotten permission from her parents to get her tattoo.

It was known that the Cyrus family had planned to get matching tattoos. If this was the case, then Billy Ray Cyrus and the rest of the Cyrus family may be sporting similar tattoos saying “just breathe”.

Miley Cyrus new tattoo photos at link.

Nov 20 2009 – Miley Cyrus bus crash: Miley Cyrus bus crash photo

Miley Cyrus bus crash had one death and one injury. Cyrus’ entourage traveled in 4 tour buses in Virginia. The bus crash was the one carrying the lighting and lighting crew. The driver died. The cause of death has yet to be determined. The driver may have died before the bus crash. A source said the bus drifted off to the side of the road for some time before it flipped and landed on its side.

The Cyrus tour bus carried 9 people who worked on the production of her stage shows.

Miley Cyrus’ concert in Greensboro, NC, will carry on as scheduled.Cyrus will perform on Sunday, November 22, in Greensboro.

Nov 9 2009 – Miley Cyrus Family Guy: Miley Cyrus Family Guy censored

Miley Cyrus Family Guy segment was censored from the final edit. Cyrus and her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, had taped a short scene where they discuss their relationship.

Microsoft reversed their decision to sponsor Sunday’s airing of “Family Guy Presents: Seth and Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show”. Microsoft backtracked because they were concerned about the content.

Warner Brother has rescued Family Guy by footing the bill for the sponsorship. Warner wanted to promote their movie by using Family Guy’s publicity. Warner is pushing out “Sherlock Holmes” during the Christmas Holiday season.

Aug 10 2009 – Miley Cyrus glasses: Miley Cyrus spectacles (photo)

Miley Cyrus wore a pair of spanking new spectacles. As a matter of fact, the glasses were so new, the lable was still attached to her left frame’s eye glass piece.

Miley Cyrus glasses/ Miley Cyrus spectacles photo link.

Miley Cyrus, Fergie, Tish Cyrus at Teen Choice Awards, August 9.

Aug 10 2009 -Miley Cyrus pole dancing: Miley Cyrus pole dancing (video) Miley Cyrus’ pole dancing on top of an ice cream cart was tame. Cyrus did a few right leg movements while her left leg was securedly planted on the cart. Cyrus was dressed in a pair of tight, micro shorts. No doubt, the shorts was a good choice for her pole dancing role. Cyrus held on to the pole for dear life as her back up pushed the cart across the stage. Cyrus’ black boots and black shorts kind of suggested something sexy. Like a partial dominatrix costume toned down. Miley Cyrus’ pole dancing video link. Miley Cyrus at Teen Choice Awards, August 9.

July 30 2009 – Mark McLeod & Miley Cyrus: McLeod arrested stalking Cyrus

Mark McLeod, a stalker of Miley Cyrus, had been arrested by Georgia police.

Mark McLeod claims Miley Cyrus sends him secret messages through her TV show. McLeod was arrested for stalking Cyrus but police later released him because the jail was overcrowded. Police in Georgia said they were unaware McLeod was arrested for stalking Cyrus in LA. A judge in LA issued a court order banning McLeod from approaching Cyrus.

Mark McLeod was arrested on June 22, in Tybee Island, Georgia, near Cyrus’ movie location for her film, “The Last Song.” McLeod was jailed but later released.

June 12 2009 – Miley Cyrus nose piercing: Miley Cyrus nose piercing (photo)

Miley Cyrus spots a nose piercing in one of her latest photos. Cyrus posed with her Mom in Savannah, Georgia. Cyrus was there to shoot her latest movie, “The Last Song”.

Miley Cyrus nose piercing photo.

March 23 2009 – Miley Cyrus new hairstyle: Miley Cyrus new hair extensions (photos)

Miley Cyrus had to jump on the band wagon when some female celebs had hair extensions added. Maybe her hairdresser didn’t tell her the weight of hair extensions may cause hair fall later.

Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell have shown us what receding hairline and hair fall can happen after years of using hair extensions.

Miley Cyrus new hairstyle with extensions – photo link.

March 14 2009 – Radiohead snubs Miley Cyrus Kanye West
Radiohead, the British band, refused to meet Miley Cyrus and Kanye West. Radiohead was not interested to meet a teenager because none of them were inclined towards that angle. Cyrus should be glad. The famous British stiff upper lip was doing a good deed.

As for Kanye West, Radiohead rears its ugly head in selective meet and greet privileges.

Radiohead snubs Miley Cyrus Kanye West.

Mar 10 2009 – Trainreq Miley Cyrus hacker: Trainreq Miley Cyrus hacker on Twitter?

TrainReq, the old Miley Cyrus hacker, is suspected of hacking her Twitter account. Maybe it was Trainreq at twitter but until there is a new name to blame, people are looking at TrainReq again.

TrainReq is Josh Holly. Holly confessed that he hacked into Miley Cyrus’ email account to copy her photos. Holly supposedly hacked into Cyrus’ email in July 2008 and posted her pictures on his website in Aug 2008.

Today, Cyrus’ Twitter was suspended because some fake, vulgar Twits were posted.

TrainReq Miley Cyrus hacker on Twitter?

Feb 3 2009 – Miley Cyrus Asian Photo: Miley Cyrus Asian Photos
Miley Cyrus and her friends posed for pictures with slanted eyes. The OCA objected to Cyrus stereotyping Asians and thought it was racial. The OCA is a group dedicated to advancing the social, political and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans.

Miley Cyrus Asian Photos – link.

Dec 2 2008 – Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair: Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair Leibovitz again
Miley Cyrus wants to work with Annie Leibovitz again. Look at their work together below:

Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair:

Miley Cyrus did her Vanity Fair cover June 2008 photoshoot with camerawoman Annie Leibovitz. Miley Cyrus caused a big discussion on her state of undress in her Vanity Fair cover with Annie Leibovitz. Now, in December, Miley Cyrus said she has re-evaluated the case and said it wasn’t so bad after all.

Nov 11 2008:
Billy Ray Cyrus revealed a partial secret. Cyrus said Barack Obama’s daughters have been invited to appear on the Hannah Montana Show. Cyrus said that the Disney Channel show had asked Malia Obama and Sasha Obama to take part in the Hannah Montana Show in April.

The Hannah Montana film is also expeced to be released in April. There might be some last minute changes in the script to accommodate Malia, 10, and Sasha Obama, 7. I’m sure the Obama girls would be thrilled and persuasive to win their parents’ consent to act in the Hannah Montana Show.

Oct 30 2008
TMZ wrote an article as a preliminary probe into a scandal. Miley Cyrus’ not so squeaky clean boyfriend, Justin Gaston, may be involved. Justin Gaston, Cyrus’ guy, may go to prison. On Tue., Oct 28, Justin Gaston’s modelling agency, Wilhelmina Models Agent Allen Osborne was reminded of his old 2006 conviction for conspiracy to commit mail fraud. Allen Osborne has been convicted and sentenced to 15 months jail and fined $187,000.

Justin Gaston’s agent, Allen Osborne and his client, Michael Wilson, set up a scam to charge a underwear company through Osborne’s company, Talent Services. This money from fraudulent bills was used to pay Michael Wilson’s son’s drug debts. Allen Osborne also used these fraudulent cash source to pay Michael Wilson. Sometimes, Allen Osborne sent Michael Wilson money through FedEx. Allen Osborne provided models to entertain Michael Wilson and used his share to pay the models who entertained him. (Michael Wilson was paying for his own entertainment without knowing it)

In 2006, Allen Osborne and Michael Wilson and one of the models (it was hinted that Justin Gaston was the one) were charged for mail fraud conspiracy. Michael Wilson pleaded guilty. Allen Osborne and the male model (rumoured to be Justin Gaston) went to court and were found guilty.

Does Billy Ray Cyrus know about Justin Gaston and his modeling agency?

Oct 22 2008:
Josh Holly, the hacker who posted Miley Cyrus’ personal, racy photos that were stolen from her email, has been raided by the FBI. Josh Holly had 3 computers and 1 telephone (or cell phone) confiscated by the FBI.

Josh Holly revealed to some users on the internet that he hacked Cyrus’ email account to get an email Cyrus sent to Nick Jonas. There were photos of Miley Cyrus in provocative poses, showing her midriff and blowing kisses.

Josh Holly used to be very confident that the FBI or authorities being unable to trace him because he moved often. Holly was wrong and will pay dearly for his mistakes. Holly was not arrested nor charged. Yet.

Oct 7 2008:
Miley Cyrus celebrated her sweet 16 birthday before the actual date on Nov. 23. Disneyland at Anaheim, California, was closed to the public for Miley Cyrus Sweet 16; photos here. Attending guests bought tickets at $250 each. There were around 5000 at the Miley Cyrus Sweet 16 birthday party. Miley Cyrus has a sweet 16 T shirt which she wore for a while for some parts of her party.



Sep 15 2008:
Miley Cyrus took Justin Gaston to church with her. Cyrus and Gaston attended Sunday morning church service in Pasadena, Ca.

Justin Gaston:

Justin Gaston

Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston

Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston.

Cyrus and Gaston were dressed casually. Later, Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston joined the rest of the Cyrus family for lunch. Noah Cyrus, her younger sister, was also present with Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus. Last week, Miley Cyrus was seen with Cody Linley, leaving his L.A. apartment at night.


Sep 6 2008:
Miley Cyrus car accident/ Miley Cyrus dead:
It is another one if those internet hoax. The gossip is false. Miley Cyrus is alive and well.

Miley Cyrus car accident, Miley Cyrus dead HOAX

It came complete with a simulated web page that showed a news article about Miley Cyrus being involved in an accident.

Aug 29 2008:
Tim Gunn, Project Runway’s fashion guru, said that Miley Cyrus’ style is “just a little too tarty.” Tim Gunn explained himself by elaborating that Miley Cyrus looked too grown up for a 15 year old. Tim Gunn gave his interview to OK! Magazine.

Tim Gunn said Katie Holmes wearing jeans looked like she was at her down phase. Gunn praised Michelle Obama’s class and American style in clothing and said in contrast, Cindy McCain looked “duct-taped.”

Aug 15 2008:
Adam Sevani used to challenge Miley Cyrus in dancing. Adam Sevani and Miley Cyrus uploaded their dance videos on YouTube, trying to see who would be the better dancer.

Adam Sevani is an actor and dancer. His background is similar to Miley Cyrus, who is an actress and singer. Miley Cyrus had confessed that she used to date Nick Jonas, of The Jonas Brothers. Now she is into dating Adam Sevani.

Do you think that one day, Adam Sevani might be invited into Dancing With The Stars?

JUl 14 2008:
A hacker, a Digital Gangster, hacked and downloaded Miley Cyrus’ personal picture phone memory. Miley Cyrus loves to take pictures so she is prey for internet photo propagation.

Miley Cyrus in wet t shirt:
Miley Cyrus in wet t shirt:

All Miley Cyrus videos are here.

Jul 5 2008:
Miley Cyrus chose Lucas Till to portray her on-screen romantic interest. Miley Cyrus selected Lucas Till from his photographs.

Lucas Till

Lucas Till in Mark Oliver.

Miley Cyrus

The source said that whenever there was a break in filming, Miley would go close to Lucas Till and kiss his cheek.

Updated on April 10 2009.

Lucas Till said he felt great after his movie role with Miley Cyrus. Till enjoyed overwhelming attention and hoped it would open more doors for him in the future. Till disclosed he had his first on-screen kiss with Cyrus. Till credited her for making him feel comfortable with their kiss.

Lucas Till grew up in Tennessee and he was glad to re-visit his old “playground”. Till liked the hot weather for the three months he was in Tennessee for shooting the Hannah Montana movie.

Lucas Till plugged his new movie called “The Spy Next Door”. This is a movie made by Jackie Chan, famous martial arts actor hailing from Hong Kong, in Asia. Lucas Till (photo at link) said he was considering doing his own action stunts in the near future.

Jul 1 2008:
Miley Cyrus will be in Utah on Friday, July 4, for the Freedom Festival’s Fourth of July Stadium of Fire concert. Miley Cyrus said she was excited. To her, each place of performance held special memories.

Billy Ray Cyrus family picture

Background on Miley Cyrus:

Miley Cyrus was born Destiny Hope Cyrus. She was called Miley Cyrus, because Miley was her nickname and she used it as her stage name. After her Disney show, Hannah Montana, became world famous, she decided to change her name from Destiny, into Miley Ray.

Miley celebrates her birthday on Nov 23, having being born in 1992. She used to live in Nashville, Tennessee, but Hollywood beckoned and she moved to Toluca Lake, in Los Angeles, California. Miley is 18 going on 19 in 2011.

Miley’s height is presently 5 feet 5 inches, but she’s still growing. She was born under the Sagittarius star sign. According to the Chinese zodiac horoscope, Miley was born in the year of the Monkey, where there each of the 12 years is represented by different animals.

Miley has 5 siblings. They are Christopher, Braison Chance, Brandi, Trace and Noah Linsey.

Miley loves pets. She used to have many farm animals as friends in Nashville. In her home at Toluca Lake, Miley keeps two dogs, Tag and Loco.

What are Miley Cyrus’ hobbies?
She loves to play her guitar, write songs, dance, ride her bicycle, and shop. Every teenaged girl likes to shop. Miley sometimes spends a few hundred thousands on clothes and accessories.

Miley is a good friend to her Hannah Montana co-star, Emily Osment. She patiently taught her how to play the guitar. Osment returned the favor by teaching Miley how to knit.

Miley has traveled the world, singing nad making appearances to promote her TV show and herself as a singer. She is a strong Christian and an independent spirit. Having her own opinions, Miley changed her name when she was legally able to make the decision.

Miley inherited her father’s genes to be left handed. Billy Ray knew the disadvantages of finding guitars made for left handed people so when he taught Miley how to play the guitar, he taught her to use her right hand to strum, and her left hand to press the frets on the neck of the guitar. Miley is ambi-dexterous in using either hands to play the guitar.

Miley often dates the male actors in her movies. She has been seen in a long relationship with Liam Hemsworth, her co-star in one of her movies. He is a private person and allegedly influenced Miley to quit twitter. Miley revealed that she didn’t want to communicate publicly to please her fans, managers and minders. She wanted to live her life when she was away from her entertainment career.

Miley Cyrus had her first taste of fame when she went on the road with her father, who sang his country music songs. She loved the life and wasn’t even shy on stage. When she was a little girl, she would try to join Billy ray on stage, to sing at the top of her lungs.

Miley wanted to act in Hannah Montana after reading the script. She identified herself as the girl, who led twin lives, masking her celebrity status, to live a normal life. Miley thought she was Hannah Montana. After several auditions for the role, Miley had an agonizing wait while the producers deliberated over who should be cast as Hannah.

Billy Ray said he wasn’t in favor of Miley desiring a show biz career. She wouldn’t listen to him and she followed her heart. Billy didn’t want to play Hannah’s dad in the show. He told the casting director to hire the handsomest actor to make his daughter’s show successful. The producers thought differently. They thought casting Billy as Hannah’s father would make the relationship on screen more authentic.

Miley is really a Southern Girl at heart. when she first met her co-star Emily Osment, they couldn’t get along. Miley and Emily were as similar as East and West. It took two whole seasons before the girls could begin to understand each other and become friends.

Miley has dated Nick Jonas, Thomas Sturges, Justin Gaston and Liam Hemsworth. She has not made any sex tapes with the guys so stop searching for them.

The “Miley Cyrus sextape with boyfriend” item of gossip has been debated for a long time. Did Miley record a sextape with ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas? It is unlikely as Nick Jonas used to profess his virginity and chastity by wearing his chastity ring. Nick and Miley are strong Christians and they would never have had sex or recorded a sex tape back in the day when they were dating.

Did Miley make a sex tape with former boyfriend Thomas Sturges? That is not true. Miley refused to speak about Sturges as she said he was shy. She took it upon herself to shield him from the glare of the media.

Miley was seen kissing Justin Gaston. Did Miley record a sex tape with Justin Gaston? That is a blank. Miley thought she loved Gaston but eventually, she realized he was not Mr Right for her. Gaston had allegedly revealed Miley was the one who initiated the breakup.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth used to date and travel together. Did Miley record a sex tape with Hemsworth? There is no such tape. Miley traveled with an entourage of friends and minders. She would be kept rooted on firm ground. Although Miley and Hemsworth split up, they remain friends. Sometimes, Miley and Hemsworth meet up for socializing, but there never was any sex tape on them.

How to send mail to Miley Cyrus? What is Miley Cyrus’ address? Where to send letters to Miley Cyrus? How to send fan mail to Miley Cyrus?

Please write on your envelope:
Miley Cyrus
Morey Management Group
1100 Glendaon Avenue
Suite 1100
Los Angeles CA 90024

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