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Feb 092009

Milani Rose is a hot model who poses topless but not naked. Milani Rose took to the airwaves of Shade 45 Lip Service to warn the public that she has a stalker and cheap imitator. There is a sex tape of the woman who claimed she was Milani Rose. The real Milani said she did not make a sex tape or do anything naughty.

A woman, who resembles Milani Rose, has been masquerading as the model. This imposter is a prostitute who sells out of hotels. Milani Rose said she has started legal proceedings to take her imposter to the cleaners. The real Milani Rose is legally prohibited from mentioning her stalker’s name but admitted the name started with the letter K.

Milani Rose with Shade 45 Lip Service -video link.

Milani Rose sexy photos link.

Milani Rose photography video link.

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