Mikelle Biggs: What happened to Mikelle Biggs (video)

Mikelle Biggs was 11 when she went missing. Biggs, of Mesa, disappeared on January 2, 1999, at around 6 pm. Biggs was at the junction of Toltec St and El Moro Ave in central Mesa when she disappeared.

Biggs wanted to buy ice cream and went outdoors. Her younger sister, Kimber Biggs, left her standing there while she went home to fetch a jacket. Their mother, Tracy Biggs, told Kimber to fetch Mikelle home. In 90 seconds that Mikelle was left alone, she disappeared.

Mikelle’s father, Darien Biggs, said he was still hoping to hear from anyone who had seen or knew what happened to his missing daughter. Biggs desperately seeks closure.

Police do not have enough evidence to name a suspect. The Biggs suspect a sex offender, Dee Blalock, who raped a neighbor of being involved in Mikelle’s disappearance. This convict was sentenced to 187 years in prison. There was nothing to connect him save for the fact he preyed on Susan Quinnett in the same neighborhood.

Dee Blalock’s wife gave an alibi. She said her husband was in the garage of their home at the time Mikelle disappeared.

Dee Blalock is imprisoned in Florence, Arizona. Mr and Mrs Biggs visited him and asked him if he had taken Mikelle. Blalock denied it.

Elizabeth Vargas & John Stossel present the case of Mikelle Biggs on 20/20 In Touch webcast.

Mikelle Biggs video.

Mikelle Biggs story.

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