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Sep 202008

Mike Litoris, of Livermore, near Altamont Pass, was interviewed about a fire in the area. The Mike Litoris video was aired on the news. In the aftermath, people suspected that the reporter for the station was punked because the man gave his name as Mike Litoris.

Mike Litoris

Mike Litoris video used to be on ktvu.com but after the cyber netizens joked about the unsuspecting reporter & TV station, it was removed.


July 13 2013 –

Something wrong with Chinese names when they sound like taboo words. We too low when we hit below the belt. KTVU has again been thrust into the spotlight, when someone drew up a list of awkward names for the Air Asiana Flight 214 plane crash. The station apologized and blamed it on a novice, an intern, who may not have been alert to the racist and pun sounding names.

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