Mike Boyde and Julie Boyde in Strange Sex (photos)

Mike Boyde and Julie Boyde were newly weds in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. Mr Boyde and Mrs Boyde discovered she was allergc to his sperm. Mrs Boyde started feeling pain after having unprotected sex for the first time with Mike. The Boydes went to their doctor who did some tests before confirming to them what was wrong.

Mrs Boyde had seminal plasma hypersensitivity and her body experienced reactions which attacked her husband’s spem, making them inactive.

Mike Boyde and Julie Boyde’s story has been made into a documentary by Discovery Health. The episode is titled Strange Sex.

Mike, 27, and Julie, 26, are going to adopt a child since they could not conceive one naturally and some treatment also failed to work.

Mike Boyde and Julie Boyde photos.

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