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Jul 092008

Updated on Nov. 25.

Michelle Palmer and Vince Acors were fined £155 each and given 3 months suspended jail sentences. They were ordered to leave UAE. A rumor said they received lleniency after signing a declaration that they would marry after they return to UK. A source close to the court in Dubai told this to the UK newspaper, Daily Mail.

Vince Acors’ lawyer has denied that his client ever signed such a document. Michelle Palmer’s lawyer could not be reached to comment on the alleged agreement.


Updated Oct. 16.

Here are the latest updates on Michelle Palmer, Michelle Palmer and Vince Acors, Michelle Palmer and her lawyer, Hassan Mattar.

Michelle Palmer and Vince Acors have been sentenced by a court in Dubai. Palmer and Acors were sentenced to 3 months in jail and a 1000 dirham fine. That is 157 British pounds. After their jail sentences, they are to be deported. Palmer and Acors have a lawyer named Hassan Mattar. The two accused and their lawyer were absent in court when they were sentenced. The press contacted Mattar, who then said he would be appealing against the sentence.

The Source, Reuters, did not name the defendants, but it is widely understood that the case being referred to is about Michelle Palmer and Vincer Acors.

Updated on Oct 6.
The Dubai Court will deliver a verdict on Oct. 16. Source.

Updated on Sept 2.
Michelle Palmer said that she was forced to sign a statement in Arabic that she did not understand. Her lawyer, Hassan Matter, was confident she would be exonerated after DNA tests.

Updated August 13.
Michelle Palmer and Vince Acors have now submitted their official statements to the court. Both pleaded not guilty on the charges of having sex at the public beach. They said they were kissing and hugging. They pleaded guilty to drinking alcohol.

Judge Abdul Latif said Michelle Palmer and Vince Acors could be released again on bail until September 2. Judge Abdul Latif might deliver a verdict on Sept. 2.

Michelle Palmer, 30, faces 6 years in a Dubai jail after she was caught having sex on a beach in Dubai. How could Michelle Palmer forget that Dubai is a Muslim country? May be Michelle Palmer did not know about Dubai.

Michelle Palmer was arrested after a Dubai police officer saw her in a sexual position or suspicious compromising position on Jumeirah Beach.

Michelle Palmer, arrested for suspected public sex on Jumeirah Beach in Dubai

Michelle Palmer, arrested for suspected public sex on Jumeirah Beach in Dubai

Michelle Palmer was charged with performing sex outside marriage. The second charge against Michelle Palmer was indecent behavior in public. The third charge was being drunk in public. The fourth charge to Michelle Palmer was assaulting a police officer.

Michelle Palmer works in Dubai as a publishing firm manager. Michelle Palmer’s alleged partner in the suspicious act was a British vacationer. Michelle Palmer might get a sentence in the range of 3 months – 6 years imprisonment. Dubai is one of 7 states that comprise the United Arab Emirates.

The British holiday maker who engaged in the same act will face the same fate.

Michelle Palmer told the British newspaper The Sun that the Dubai authorities were going to make her the poster child for that offence. Such that Michelle Palmer suspected that she would get a higher sentence.

Michelle Palmer said that she was in deep trouble. Michelle Palmer revealed that her mother was taking anti-depressants. Michelle Palmer said that she was afraid to speak more on the matter.

Dubai police will arrest people who kiss in public. Police are in charge of arresting extra-marital sex offenders, sex outside marriage, cohabitation, adultery and homosexuals who engage in taboo behaviors.

Police are investigating.

The man who was arrested has been identified as Vince Acors. The police officer who caught Vince Acors and Michelle Palmer at their all day drinking binge had warned them. Vince Acors and Michelle Palmer ignored him. When he returned later, he arrested them.

Vince Acors was wrongly described as a holiday maker. He is a father of one from Bromley in Kent. Vince Acors is a “Telecoms boss.” This trip to the Middle East was on a business purpose for Vince Acors.

The friends told that Vince Acors and Michelle Palmer were drunk and could not remember what had happened. Vince Acors and Michelle Palmer woke up in police cells, with hangovers and the bleak prospect of facing up to 6 years in jail.

Michelle Palmers has lost her job after being fired. Michelle Palmers cried and has begged for clemency in advance of her upcoming trial. Michelle Palmer hinted that she should be forgiven because “We have all made sill regretful mistakes in life….”

Michelle Palmer thought she should be forgiven because she was good, kind and true. She asked for sympathy. She wanted people to pretned that it was their relative who was being reprimanded in this situation.

When the police officer returned to stop their public indecent act, Michelle Palmer used verbal abuse on him and tried to club him withe her high heel shoe. Michelle Palmer was restrained and taken to a cell for confinement.

Vince Acors and Michelle Palmer considered getting married so that they might be seen in a better light and receive a lesser punishment.
Dubai Laws
Vince Acors is on the left. The other man is unknown.

Vince Acors is on the left:

Michelle Palmer with another male friend:

Michelle Palmer with another male friend:

Michelle Palmer wears her mascara

Michelle Palmer wears her mascara

Michelle Palmer drinks with a friend at a bar in Dubai

Michelle Palmer drinks with a friend at a bar in Dubai

A police commander in Dubai said that Michelle Palmer had kicked up a big fuss at the scene and this incident had blown up into mega proportions.

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  46 Responses to “Michelle Palmer arrested for public sex on Jumeirah Beach in Dubai”

  1. Hi,
    I have 4 points:
    1-I wounder if any one left a reply have seen the pictures for the couple on the public beach? it is very clear that they were not kising at all.
    2-I wounder if any western country would allow sex in public places.
    3-Even in nude beaches, it is allowed to walk around naked but for sure without sex.
    4-There were kids around the couple seeing the whole thing, If they were yours what would be your reaction.

  2. Being caught in a suspicious compromising position does not necessarily mean that a sexual act had been performed; actually they both were reportedly so drunk that there’s considerable doubt he was up to performing the deed.
    They are both however, undesirable guests and should have been deported immediately by the host country.
    That’s really all that should have occurred; the rest is simply hysterical reaction.

  3. Debbie,
    Honestly americans are stupid do you know why? you just proved that by posting a comment that is so irrelavant to the topic being discussed “thank god i live in america” are you serious?! if you dont have anything useful to say regarding this subject then zip it and spare us ur ego. Iam a girl living in the middle east and there is nothing wrong with living their we have a solid education, beauty, FREEDOM( yes believe it or not we do so stop gasping), morals, status, and lots of money! You guys are just jealous of us bcz we have things that u wudnt dream of having not in a million years. If i asked you a basic question about life you woudnt be able to answer bcz u americans think that ur the best in everything while in real life u dont know much. Think about all the kidnapping and violent crimes that you have in america then tell me that ur proud to be apart of this nation atleast in the middle east we are somewhat safe from all these acts and brutal crimes. Iam PROUD to live in the middle east and the fact that iam an arab however i wud never parade it by posting something so shallow like ur comment ugh…

  4. Just Curious, I wonder if the laws in Dubai, penalize girl rape victims? becuase someone stated that there is no sex outside marriage, and no kissing in public, so what happens in that situation? I’d really like to know. thanks

  5. hellllooooooooooooooooooooooo

  6. she looks sooooo pathetic. Above all i feel so sorry 4 her, but she deserves what happend to her, it is an ARAB MUSLIM country she is in, the rules are set very cleary.
    If she cant resist having sex on the beach, then she should be shiped back to what ever dupmster she came from

  7. Not that I support being caught ‘in flagrante’, or deliberately infringing upon local sensibilities, I’m shocked by so many posters with their racist attitudes such as: “go back to where you come from”.

    When so many Muslims come to the U.K. and start proselyting Islam and inciting violence when people don’t subscribe to their world view (see Danish cartoons etc), I think you have some cheek.

    Why don’t YOU go home?

  8. why she wants sex on the beach !!!!! and why she think that she is above the law,why she didnt recpect the police man at the begining,why she is a bitch,why she wants to break the rules in islamic country,is that all because she is british !!!! why british think always thats they are better than the other at the same time they need to work here to get money ,dubai is a perfect place no one can be above the law if you like it fine other wise go back to where you come from and get sex there just like an animals

  9. Hi everybody.What i will write it is just a personal opinion.She was unlucky to be there that day and to be saw by the police.How many cases like that happened every day in UAE?Where is the police, which i am sure that they know about it,when citizens of UAE are comeing and driveing drunk from night clubs after 3 in the morning?What about streets which are very famous for everyone of us where you can take a lady for few bucks.I am muslim.I love GOD more then anything in my life.But with all my respect for islam this do not have nothing to do with religion.Yes, you can say that they did not respect the rules and the law of the country.They are paying for that.Plus if you ask any medical advicer this is not an animal act it is a fantasy.Sometimes some people with drink or without they have some diferrent fantasys which make them to rich to pleasure.It was a bad day for both of them.Everybody have a house or money to rent a room in a hotel and to spend a night with the person you wish to.But this was a dream for them.Maybe a risck even.How many of you did not have a fantasy at list once in life?IN the beach,in the car,in the desert,in the office,in the lift?Doesnt metter.You can be a doctor,or labour this fantasys anybody can have it.There are a lot of wrong things going on not only this.I remember Dubai before 13 years when to dress a mini skirt it was something oooooooooooooo.Now if you go to Mall of Emirates or City Center you can see what in Europe you dont see.And i am saying that because i am from Europe and i do not see in Malls what i see in Dubai.Homosexuals everywhere without hiding,Girls giveing phone numbers in front of everybodys eyes.This also it is not against the law?And when i say that i am not talking about any nationality i am talking about man and woman from UAE.They born in Islamic country and they have to respect the rules of their contry before anybody else do.But everywhere in the world there are diferrent kind of people.It is not our job to judge or say something.It is only God who will take care of everything.We are not perfect that we can say some bad words about others.Let us pray for them to change and to become better persons.I am sure that a lot of people are not doing this not because they are thinking about respect,rules,religion,education but because they are affraid of the law in UAE.So let us be honest with our self.They where just unlucky.And what if she is manager?She can not have imagination,some lets say strange view about how to do sex?This is not about profesion or education.It is the moment.It is what you fell.In the end Dubai wanted all this big number of so many nationalitys and in so short time.We should expect from now more news like that or maybe worst then that.Because with all this people i realise that even the local citizens know are not like before.I remember that before 13 years in Dubai it was a shame for a young local lady to not where the traditional dress ( sheila and abaya ).Now you can see a lot wit their hair out and tide clotheses,haveing boyfriends etc.Before it was not possible.So sometimes you have to be rady for some changes like that.Not to agry with that but to be rady.

  10. This ho would’ve been arrested in any other country under the same circumstances, not just in Dubai. In fact, those two probably would’ve gotten a much harsher punishment elsewhere than what they got in Dubai. They should have locked their arses up for the full six years if you ask me.

    Judging by all the pics of here I guess now the media is trying to portray this nasty-looking woman as some kind of sex symbol. Sheesh.. she’s pretty ugly anyway!

  11. Thank GOD I live in AMERICA !

  12. Before the government arrest these two couple they should feel shame for taking public beach and turn it for sale or gevin to sheik mohammed sons. Shame on the government

  13. what gets me the most is that the news articles want to point out – ‘ western values clash with … ‘

    real funny – the west has had no values in over 50 years – i say if they are guilty then they should pay the piper

  14. I was in dubai a few weeks ago and what a wonderful place it is. I think no-one is above the law and that Michelle Palmer should respect that as many people do. Everyone knows Dubai is a part of the UAE which goes by Islamic traditions and culture. How can someone who works there not sure a little respect. In my opinion, she should be tried under Islamic Law!

  15. BUT DNA EXISTED!!!! Andy, its proved, without that there is no basis to judge them! but the procces is on, bcz of DNA TEST. if i were in her or his place I would also deny, but there is nothing to do if its proved. And now its stupid to say that u didnt have sex, if ur DNA is everywhere. And andy, if someone said its not FACT indeed. I dont care what poeople say, there are FACTS! And u are so sure they did have intercourse, as u were there? Are u Vince Acors, are not u O_O ??

  16. I agree that the subject is too boring, which is what I said about your remarks being banal in the first place. These are not merely my thoughts, but based on hard facts and information received from certain people involved who I met when I was in Dubai a week after the incident and subsequently. These are two people who were alone on a secluded part of a beach late at night. They did not have sex and did not expect to encounter a policeman prowling around in the dark. but for his torch these people would not have been noticed.

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