Michael Waltrip & Buffy Waltrip (photos)

Michael WaltripThis is how Michael Waltrip looks on DWTS 2014.

Updated Sep 15 2014 – Popular Mike Waltrip is on DWTS season 19 2014. His professional dance partner is Emma Slater. She will be coaching him. They made Waltrip dye his hair dark to look younger, groomed, polished and shiny.

May 25 2009 -
Former Mrs Michael Waltrip, aka Buffy Waltrip:
Buffy’s real name is Elizabeth Franks. Elizabeth Buffy Franks was born on April 5, 1967. Franks and her family moved from Monroe, Louisiana, to Owosso, Michigan, because her father had a job with Georgia Pacific. The Franks family finally shifted to North Carolina, where Buffy Franks met Michael Waltrip.

Buffy and Michael were supposed to date on a weekend of August 1992. Waltrip was injured in a crash and needed stitches. Waltrip asked Franks to hold his hand during the stitching under his lip. Buffy Franks fell in love with Michael Waltrip.

Michael Waltrip and Buffy Franks married on Nov 27 1993. Their daughter, Margaret Carol Waltrip was born on Sep 29, 1997. Margaret joined Waltrip’s elder daughter, Caitlin Marie Waltrip, (born Jan 12 1990) from his previous relationship.

The couple formed the Michael Waltrip Racing team. Buffy Waltrip became the owner of Nascar race car #55. Michael Waltrip drove that car.

The rumors – Michael Waltrip, the Nascar race car driver, was first rumored to be divorcing his wife in 2008. Waltrip’s wife, Buffy Waltrip, has not shown up at the shop for a long time. Buffy Waltrip has not made a public appearance with her husband Michael.

The Waltrip couple, or former couple, had put their house up for sale since 2008. Buffy Waltrip was seen with another man. Mike Waltrip was seen without his wedding ring for about 1 year since early 2008.

Michael Waltrip & Buffy Waltrip divorce.

Michael Waltrip & Buffy Waltrip divorce.

Darrell Lee Waltrip is Michael’s older brother. DL Waltrip was born February 5, 1947. Waltrip won the NASCAR Winston Cup 3 times. Waltrip was the 1989 Daytona 500 winner. Waltrip retired from racing and joined Fox TV. Darrell Waltrip is also a columnist at Foxsports.com.

Buffy Waltrip.

Buffy Waltrip, Michael Waltrip's former wife

Buffy Waltrip.

Buffy Waltrip, Michael Waltrip's former wife

Buffy Waltrip.

Buffy Waltrip

Buffy Waltrip at launch of her jewelry line.

Buffy Waltrip at launch of her jewelry line

Michael Waltrip.

Michael Waltrip

Feb 18 2011 – Michael Waltrip won the Truck Series race at Daytona International Speedway, on Fri, Feb 18, 2011. Waltrip said he was celebrating his victory in honor of his deceased friend, Dale Earnhardt, who died on Feb 18, 2001.

Earnhardt was injured in the last lap of the Daytona 500 Race. He died from his injuries.

April 17 2011 -
Michael Waltrip is concentrating on his career after his divorce. Waltrip is expanding his efforts. He has entered to compete in the “24 Hours of Le Mans”, held on June 11 – 12.

Fans still asked questions about Waltrip’s divorce. They want to know more. But these days, Waltrip’s partner or partners are his racing partners, Rob Kauffman and Rui Aguas. Waltrip is sharing the driving in the Ferrari entered by AF Corse, the Italian team.

Putting all thoughts of divorce behind him, Waltrip is traveling to France, to prepare and race in the GTE Pro class.He is doing test driving at the Circuit Paul Ricard.

Waltrip is all pumped up for Le Mans.

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  1. Carol Beier

    Michael, Thank you so for coming to Denver, CO on Aug 27th. I got my picture taken with you and also got to see you race at Colo Natl Speedway on Sat Aut 28th. Thank you so much for all that you do. Go a short moment you gave this race fan something to really remember. Thank you again, Carol B.

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