Michael Vaca: Vaca is Matthew Vaca

In the TV show, “I Survived… Episode 01”, Brandi and her friend, Liz, offer a ride to a man,who was named as Michael Vaca. This man, Michael Vaca, became an assailant. Vaca stabbed Liz and beat up Brandi. Brandi was thrown into a river by Vaca.

On a message board, Brandi revealed herself to be Brandi Nicole Williamson. Brandi Williamson said she was attacked by Matthew Vaca, whose name had been changed on the show. On the show, his name was changed to Michael Vaca. Mrs Vaca, Matthew’s mother, tipped off the police, which led to his arrest.

Liz’s mother wrote under the pen name “ReiserMama” at the message board.

The message board has details.

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