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Jul 102009

June 2011 – Michael Jackson’s body is missing from Neverland because his family wanted him buried in California. Jackson died on June 24, 2009 and his fans flocked to Neverland.

Michael Jackson’s missing body has been located by the media. Jackson’s body in his casket is in a temporary resting place at Forest Lawn – Hollywood Hills Court of Remembrance crypt. The crypt belongs to Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown Records.

Jackson’s brain had been removed for some tests but the medical coroner has returned his brain to the body. Jackson’s family waited to get Michael’s brain back before organizing his funeral. There was an unconfirmed rumor that Jackson’s nose was missing from his body. While Jackson’s body was not missing, his noise was allegedly missing. Unconfirmed reports said Jackson was wearing a prosthetic nose when the nose piece dropped off and it wasn’t found or returned to his face.

Berry Gordy offered the Jackson family the use of his crypt while they sort out their differences.

Jackson’s body was placed in the crypt temporarily as the Jackson family could not agree on where to bury him. His father Joseph Jackson, and brother Jermaine Jackson, want Michael to be buried at Neverland Ranch. The rest of the family want Michael to be buried at a burial ground as he once sad he did not want to return to Neverland after the law officers searched his home.

Jackson’s body rests in Berry Gordy’s mausoleum. Celebrities who were buried nearby were Bette Davis, Lucille Ball, Gene Autry, Sandra Dee, Cubby Broccoli, Freddie Prinze and Liberace.

Berry Gordy & La Toya Jackson at Michael Jackson memorial, July 7.

Memorial Service For Michael Jackson Draws Thousands Of Fans And Mourners

Michael Jackson, RIP.

NYP has a picture of Berry Gordy’s crypt here.

April 10 2010 – Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson slept with eyes open (photo)

Dr Murray Conrad’s defence lawyers are going to claim Michael Jackson was a habitual user of drugs and he slept with his eyes open. Michael Jackson’s photo is below.

The source claimed Jackson went dopey with drugs in his system and would be sleeping with eyes open. Jackson’s eyes would be open, with dilated pupils, while he was drugged with Propofol. Lawyers thought this would be a good point to illustrate their argument that it wasn’t easy or possible to tell when Jackson was sleeping or awake but in trouble.

The lawyers allegedly want to call upon the women in Jackson’s life to testify the manner in which he sleep. Lisa Marie Presley and Debbie Rowe, Jackson’s former wives, would be knowing about the manner in which he slept. Grace Rwaramba, Jackson’s nanny for his children, may also know how he slept.

But the media has published photos of Jackson when he was being wheeled into the ambulance on the day he died. His eyes were closed.

Michael Jackson, posing in a rare moment of cheek.

Jan 3 2010 – Michael Jackson & Lenny Kravitz: Jackson & Kravitz song Another Day (video)
Michael Jackson allegedly recorded a song with Lenny Kravitz called “Another Day”. This song is unconfirmed. Kravitz had spoken before about working with Jackson on a song that was never released.

Kravitz and Jackson sang a duet on a song that they recorded together in a studio. Kravitz was full of praises for Jackson. Kravitz said he had a great experience working with Jackson on the music assignment.

Kravitz didn’t mention the name of the new song that was recorded but it was thought to be “Another Day”.

Dec 22 2009 – Frank Paul Jones: Jones threatened to kill Michael Jackson

Frank Paul Jones was a stalker who believed he was married to Janet Jackson. Jones was obsessed with Janet Jackson. Jones stalked Janet and threatened to kill her, Michael Jackson and every homosexual on the face of the earth.

Jones was dismissed as being obsessed over Janet Jackson and wrote letters of threats to get her attention. Jones even threatened to kill Michael Jackson on June 5, 1992. Jones threatened to kill fans at a concert performed by Michael Jackson. Jones wrote his wish to have John Gotti, the alleged mobster, to give him money in return for not killing MJ. Jones was 33 when he started trying to get attention from Janet Jackson.

It was believed that Jones threatened to kill JJ, MJ, and other people to get attention.

Jones was arrested and charged with extortion. Jones pleaded guilty and was sentenced to jail in 1993.
Nov 7 2009 – Derek Acorah: Derek Acorah seance
Derek Acorah, a medium, claimed he was able to contact Michael Jackson during a séance. Acorah’s séance was televised on TV.

Acorah said Jackson spoke through him as he told how he (Jackson) would have liked to be laid to rest beside his icon, Marilyn Monroe. According to Acorah, Jackson was spending time with his grandparents. Acorah claimed Jackson spoke through him to say that he was beginning to adjust to his spiritual life.

There were four faithful fans of Michael Jackson at the table when the seance was conducted. They helped to contact the spiritual world.
Oct 24 2009 – Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson This Is It used body doubles impersonators
Michael Jackson “This Is It” contained a body double. Joe Jackson and La Toya Jackson have allegedly accused Sony Pictures of fooling Jackson fans by using impersonators for some parts of the movie.

One British impersonator claimed he was asked to act as a body double for Jackson even before his death.

Joe Jackson allegedly said “This Is It” used body doubles. Jeffre Phillips, La Toya’s business manager, said he suspected impersonators were used as Michael Jackson wasn’t well enough.

Navi Parasram, 36, is a Michael Jackson impersonator who lives in Essex. Parasram told that he was asked to long shots, placements and visuals as Jackson but he refused to take the job.

Sony Pictures has refused to comment on the claims that Jackson body doubles were used in the movie.
Oct 13 2009 – Helen Harris-Scott: Helen Harris-Scott on Michael Jackson lawsuit
In 2006, Helen Harris-Scott filed her lawsuit against the estate of Michael Jackson. Harris-Scott claimed Jackson installed a spy tracking device in her car, wiretapped her telephone, tampered with her food and water, and hired criminals to keep surveillance on her home in LA.

Harris-Scott claimed Jackson did all that to keep a watch on her and his henchmen reported to him. Harris-Scott first filed her lawsuit in 2006 and asked for $100 million in damages. Harris-Scott asked the court to order Jackson to stop his surveillance of her, apologize and disconnect all his surveillance systems on her.

It all started when Helen Harris-Scott became a fan of Jackson in 1986. Harris-Scott claimed Jackson communicated to her through his music. Harris-Scott claimed that in 1987, Jackson hired people to install a surveillance system on her. Later, Harris-Scott filed her lawsuit against Jackson in 2006.

In 2006, Jackson’s rep was Raymone Bain. Bain said Jackson was not informed of Harris-Scott’s lawsuit against him.

On Friday, October 10, 2009, Harris-Scott filed her new lawsuit to ask for $50 million for damages from Jackson’s estate.
Updated October 29 – Michael Jackson autopsy photos: Michael Jackson autopsy picture

Someone has claimed that Michael Jackson’s autopsy pictures have been leaked. The sources claimed Michael Jackson’s autopsy photos may be leaked on a big scale soon. Michael Jackson autopsy photo showed his left cheek had a private scar that could be used for identification. People outside the Jackson circle wouldn’t know of this scar.

The Michael Jackson autopsy photo allegedly showed Jackson with his eyes wide open. The autopsy pictures showed that Jackson had a shaved head.

Jackson was lying on his back, on a metallic table that was usually used for performing an autopsy. Jackson’s face was taken at an angle toward his left side.

Oct 1 2009.

Michael Jackson’s autopsy revealed he was relatively healthy when he died. Jackson had scars on his face and neck, which may have been due to plastic surgery. Jackson had injection marks on his arms. These were some details written in Jackson’s autopsy.

Michael Jackson was 50 when he died and weighed 9 stones 10 pounds. According to the expert, Jackson’s weight was acceptable fro his height. Jackson died of an overdose of drugs.

Jackson’s heart was healthy, without any signs of plague build-up. Jackson’s other internal organs had no signs of damage.

Jackson had minor ailments like arthritis in his lower spine. Jackson had been using a wheelchair on and off in the months before his death. Jackson also was afflicted by arthritis in his fingers. Jackson’s leg arteries had some plague build-up.

Jackson had inflamed lungs, which may have explained why he preferred warm temperatures indoors. The cold air may have affected his breathing so he wanted his home to be heated up. Jackson’s autopsy reports said his inflamed lungs were not a factor in his cause of death. Jackson’s lungs may have been the reason why there were rumors on why he did not want to sing live.

Jackson had eye brow tattoos and a tattoo on his scalp to cover a permanent spot of baldness caused of a burn scar. Jackson had a skin disease, allegedly vitiligo.

Jackson’s stomach contained no drugs or alcohol.

Dr Zeev Kain is the chairman of the anesthesiology department, in the University of California. Dr Kain said Jackson’s overall health was fine.

The coroner’s autopsy said Jackson’s death was a homicide caused by acute propofol intoxication. There were other sedatives in Jackson’s body and these were contributing factors in his death.
Aug 26 2009 – Michael Jackson’s love child Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson?
Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson, 24, claims he is the son of the late Michael Jackson. PMMJ Jackson’s mother is Zerline Lavette Dixon. PMMJ Jackson claimed that Michael Jackson’s family put pressure and Dixon and PMMJ Jackson to sweep the relationship under the carpet. PMMJ Jackson lives in San Francisco.

Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson has petitioned the court for a DNA test to show that he is the biological child of Michael Jackson.

Zerline LaVette Dixon claimed she delivered her baby son Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson on September 23, on 1984 at the Holy Cross Hospital in Mission Hills.

Updated – The court has rejected this claim in August.

Updated – Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson filed his second lawsuit on the grounds of objection of the rejection of his first lawsuit. Jackson insists that he is the son of Michael Jackson and wants to claim benefits.

Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson photos from TMZ link.
Aug 21 2009 – Jason Pfeiffer & Michael Jackson: Jason Pfeiffer claimed affair with Jackson
Jason Pfeiffer, a clinic worker of Dr Arnold Klein, said he had an affair with Michael Jackson. Jason Pfeiffer said he sahred his story of a lost friend with Jackson and they bonded after that. Jason Pfeiffer said he knew that Jackson had other friends and he was not the sole mate of Jackson.

Jason Pfeiffer, 35, said he got personal with Jackson after the singer asked him for a lift home one night. Pfeiffer said they maintained in clsoe contact over the phone after their first meeting. Pfeiffer said they avoided getting caught by Jackson’s minders, who were always curious about Jackson.
Aug 17 2009 – Michael Jackson’s 51st birthday: Michael Jackson burial August 29

Michael Jackson burial has been set on August 29. Joe Jackson, the father of the late singer, said his son Michael would be buried on August 29, 2009. Michael Jackson will be buried on his birthday. After Jackson’s memorial service at Staples, his body has been kept in a freezer. Now that all autopsies have been completed and Jackson’s brain returned to his body, the family has decided on Jackson’s burial date. Michael Jackson will be buried on his 51st birthday. Had Jackson been alive, August 29 would have been Michael Jackson’s 51st birthday.

Michael Jackson, RIP.
Aug 10 2009 – Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise: Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise & Michael Jackson (photo)

Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise appeared in court to attend a hearing on Michael Jackson’s estate issues. Fields Cruise claimed to be the mother of Michael Jackson’s children.

Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise described herself on her MySpace as being the mother of Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt’s kids, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gisele Bundchen and Anna Nicole Smith. Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise claimed she ran for the President in 2008.

Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise once dated Christopher Caputo. Caputo’s parents said their son once dated Cruise when Christopher was 16. Mr and Mrs Caputo said they thought Claire Cruise had mental issues at that time and was fixed on dating Chris.

Chris Caputo has not kept in touch with Claire Cruise since their split in high school.

Julian Bleecker.

Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise claimed Julian Bleecker fathered one of Michael Jackson’s children but he denied it. Cruise and Bleecker attended the same high school together. Bleecker said he last talked to Cruise one week ago. Fields Cruise asked Julian Bleecker to become her unofficial fiance.

Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise photo link.

Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise photos.

Jul 24 2009n – Michael Jackson: What time did Michael Jackson die?

TMZ has done its investigation into Dr Conrad Murray’s storage facility in Houston, Texas. Dr Conrad Murray’s workers had visited the locker unit on the day Michael Jackson died.

9:22 am (LA time and 11:22 am Houston time) two women employees of Dr Murray removed files and boxes from Dr Conrad Murray’s storage facility in Houston, Texas. It was suspected that something had already happened to Jackson when the items were removed.

12:21 pm (LA time) Dr Murray called 911. Murray claimed it was only 30 minutes since Jackson was in distress.

TMZ 1.

TMZ 2.

Dr Steven Hoefflin, a family friend of the Jacksons, said he believed Jackson suffered a heart attack after he was given Propofol at bedtime on Wednesday night, June 24. Jackson’s elder son, Prince Michael Jackson I, was allegedly called by Dr Murray to witness his CPR being performed on his father’s body. The UK Daily reported that Prince Michael was asked to witness this on the night Jackson died. That meant Jackson died on Wednesday night.

Quote –
“He told The Sun newspaper that on the night Michael died, Dr Murray called Prince to the room where he was performing CPR on his father.”


Jul 24 2009 – Michael Jackson prosthetic nose: Michael Jackson prosthetic nose missing (photo)
Michael Jackson was rumored to be wearing prosthetic noses for a long time. In the 1980s to 1990s, Jackson allegedly had a large jar of prosthetic noses for disguise purposes. Jackson could use the prosthetic noses if he wanted to go out on a disguise.

Jackson’s former housekeeper at Neverland, Adrian McManus, said he kept the jar of noses in his wardrobe. Jackson used stage glue to adhere a nose to his face. McManus said some of the prosthetic noses had breathing holes while some lacked holes. McManus said Jackson’s nose had been giving him problems for a long time. Jackson’s nose was caved in. On some days, he wore plasters to help support his nose.

The latest news reports said Jackson’s nose was missing from his body at the morgue. If Jackson was wearing his prosthetic nose, it could have fallen off anytime. If Jackson had been wearing one, how could he breathe effectively when Dr Murray and the EMT performed CPR on him?

On June 25, 2009, the photo of Jackson on a gulley showed him with a respirator or some apparatus over his mouth. Jackson’s eyes were closed, his hair looked all right and his face looked peaceful. Only later did the leaked autopsy reports say Jackson had a wig on and now, a report said he had been wearing a prosthetic nose when he died.

What does a prosthetic nose look like?

A prosthetic nose for the character Bardolph (Henry IV Parts 1 and 2 and Henry V) is left to dry in the make-up room backstage at the Courtyard Theatre on February 27, 2008 in Stratford-Upon Avon, England.

The RSC Prepares For All Eight History Play Performances

* Michael Jackson in Nov 2006. By this time, Jackson was rumored to be wearing wigs and prosthetic noses.

Michael Jackson 1958-2009
Jul 23 2009 – Rupert Everett: Rupert Everett on Michael Jackson (photo)
Rupert Everett, an actor, criticized Michael Jackson. Everett is of the fame from “St Trinian” and “My Best Friend’s Wedding”.

Everett said if Jackson had lived and failed to complete his 50 concert schedule, he would have been ravaged by the press. Everett thought Jackson past sex abuse charges killed him as he never got over them.

Everett described Jackson’s looks as a “freak”. Everett likened Jackson to a black to white minstrel. Everett said Jackson and Obama were opposites. Jackson was a black man gone white. Obama is a half white man gone black.

Everett is openly gay and spoke about how he might have fantasized about sleeping with Jackson when he was 14 years old. Everett has a documentary that airs on UK’s Channel 4 next week. It is titled “The Scandalous Adventures of Lord Byron”.

Rupert Everett.

Broadway Opening Night Of Blithe Spirit - Afterparty - New York City

Updated March 15 2010 – Omer Jamal Bhatti is allegedly living with the Jackson family in Encino. He allegedly changed his name to Omer Michael Bhatti. Bhatti claimed he fathered Michael Jackson’s 3 kids.

Jul 22 2009 – Omer Bhatti, 25, a dancer, was rumored to be Michael Jackson’s secret love child. Bhatti was given a front row seat at the Michael Jackson memorial on July 7. Omer Bhatti sat with the Jackson brothers and sisters. Omer Bhatti looked like Blanket Jackson when he was at that age.

Michael Jackson allegedly told his friends in 2004 that Omer Bhatti was born out of wedlock after a one night stand in 1984. Omer Bhatti’s mother is Pia. Omer’s father is Riz, originally from Pakistan. Pia and Riz used to work for Michael Jackson in the US.

Jackson allegedly hired two helpers for Pia after Omer was born in Norway. Omer Bhatti was 12 years old when he finally met Jackson in 1996. Bhatti showed Jackson his dance moves and Jackson was impressed enough to get Bhatti performing with him. Bhatti was seen and photographed in public with Jackson.

Bhatti performed with Jackson and stayed in Neverland with him. Pia, Riz and Omer were staying in Neverland with Jackson until they moved back to Norway. Pia and Riz have refused to answer questions about Michael Jackson, preferring to remain loyal to the singer.

Omer Bhatti is searching for his break into rap and hip-hop. Bhatti performs using the stage name of O-Bee.

The young man in black glasses and ear stud is Omer Bhatti.

Memorial Service For Michael Jackson Draws Thousands Of Fans And Mourners

Other photos of Omer Bhatti.

Omer Bhatti aka O-bee Presenting: The Beginning – dance / rap video link.

O-BEE Dance Audition for John M. Chu – video link.

O-Bee rap / dance performance @ Holmlia Festival – video link.

Photos of Omer Bhatti when he was 17 years old.

Jul 19 2009 – Daryl Hall on Michael Jackson: Hall on Jackson Billie Jean (videos)

Daryl Hall, one half the duo, Hall & Oates, gave an interview to Rolling Stone, in the issue that featured Michael Jackson. According to Hall, Jackson told him he stole Billie Jean from the Hall & Oates original “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)”, from Hall and Oates’ album Private Eyes. This was released in 1981, 2 years before Billie Jean.

How can we tell? Maybe both songs start with the drum, on a similar beat but Billie Jean is unique in its own way.

“I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)” video link.

Billie Jean video link.
Jul 16 2009 – America A Horse With No Name: Michael Jackson A Place With No Name (video)
Michael Jackson recorded a song, “A Place With No Name”, which was a sort of parody of the original song, “A Horse With No Name”. The original song was recorded by the band called America, in 1971. Jackson obtained permission to record his version of the song. A Place With No Name has not been released for the public.

America, the band, has a manager named Jim Morey. Morey was also managing Jackson in the 1980s – early 1990s.

You can compare the two songs.

Michael Jackson sang “A Place With No Name” – audio clip link. Only the first verse or chorus was released.

America, the band, sang “A Horse With No Name” – video clip with lyrics.

Jul 15 2009 – Chris Connelly: Connelly on Joe Jackson & Michael Jackson (video)
Chris Connelly talked about his interview with Joe Jackson. Joe said he was suspicious about the events that happened in Michael’s house on the day he died on June 25, 2009.

Connelly reminisced about his interview in the past with Michael Jackson. Connelly said Michael Jackson’s voice was soft and faded away when his answers trailed off into the distance. Connelly said he asked Jackson if he had received his AARP card and Jackson laughed. That question was suggested by Connelly’s daughter.

Chris Connelly (video at link) said he was surprised he actually made Jackson laugh.
Jul 15 2009 – Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial hair on fire: Jackson Pepsi commercial (video)

Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial hair on fire video clip showed how Jackson suffered second and third degree burns on his scalp and body. The Pepsi pyrotechnics timing was off as the sparklers ignited Jackson’s hair and it caught fire. Immediately after the hairy fire, Jackson’s bare scalp could be seen on top of his crown.

Jackson appeared unaware his hair caught fire when his head looked as if it was ablaze. There was a delay when the helpers reached Jackson. Jackson was still twirling around on his pirouette when two aids tried to catch him.

According to sources, Jackson started using painkillers after the Pepsi commercial caught his hair on fire.

Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial hair on fire video.

Jul 15 2009 - Michael Jackson legs: Michael Jackson legs (photos/ video)
Michael Jackson’s legs were photographed about 7 years ago. Jackson’s lower legs showed skin discoloration. Jackson’s legs were fairly white with some remaining blotches of skin in a darker color.

Dr Debra Jaliman, a spokesperson of the American Academy of Dermatology, said the photos of Jackson’s legs showed evidence of punctures.

Dr Jaliman said Jackson’s legs had a dark discoloration which may have been caused by necrosis, which was the death of tissue caused by injury, in a localized area. Necrosis may have happened when some caustic fluid or IV drip contacting that area.

UK's Daily Mail showed the full photos of Michael Jackson's legs. Jackson's right leg had a large black scab, the necrosis which occurred in that area. Around the black scab were puncture marks. Warning - Graphic pictures of Michael Jackson's legs here.

There were times during Jackson's life that he could not walk and was pushed around in a wheel chair. Perhaps those were the times his leg was sore when the leg wound was not healed.

If a caustic agent caused the dead tissue, can you imagine what it would cause inside the body?

Michael Jackson’s legs - video link.

Jun 12 2009 - Christian Audigier: Christian Audigier buying Michael Jackson Neverland Ranch
Christian Audigier is interested to buy Neverland Ranch. Audugier may buy Neverland from Colony Capital. Colony bought Neverland from Michael Jackson in 2008 for 20 million pounds. Jackson in turn bought the Ranch from William Bone in 1988. Back then Bone called it Sycamore Valley Ranch. Jackson renamed it Neverland Ranch.

Christian Audigier said he was interested to purchase Neverland Ranch with the prospect of developing it to become a museum with Michael Jackson memorabilia. Audigier thought Neverland could become a Graceland of the West Coast.

Designer Christian Audigier (L) gets a kiss from designer Pierre Morisset at the G-Star stand at the Bread and Butter fashion trade fair at Tempelhof Airport on July 2, 2009 in Berlin, Germany.

Christian Audigier: Bread & Butter Berlin S/S 2010

Jul 8 2009 - Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson bandaged fingers (photo)
Michael Jackson's old photo taken during his hey days as a performer showed he once appeared on stage with bandaged fingers. Jackson's right hand had four fingertips bandaged in white. Does anyone remember that photo here and why his fingers were taped?

Another photo of Michael Jackson & La Toya Jackson. His fingers were bandaged.

Jul 8 2009 - Michael Jackson grandmother Martha Bridges: Martha Bridges
Michael Jackson's grandmother Martha Bridges died in 1990. Jackson attended her funeral and burial at the Forest Lawn Cemetery. A former Jackson brother sister-in-law, Delores DeeDee Martes, died in 1994 and was buried in Forest Lawn. Martes was formerly married to Tito Jackson.

Tito Jackson & Delores DeeDee Martes: Jackson Martes children

Jul 8 2009 - John Mayer Michael Jackson: Mayer at Jackson memorial (video)
John Mayer played guitar and sang Human Nature at Michael Jackson's memorial. Mayer, was dressed to his nines in a shirt, tie and vest.

John Mayer sang Human Nature at Michael Jackson memorial - video link.

Jul 7 2009 - Lionel Richie at Michael Jackson memorial: Richie Jackson memorial (video)

Lionel Richie sang the song "Jesus Is Love" at Michael Jackson's memorial service on July 7 at Staples Center. Jackson often quoted the teachings of Jesus. Jackson said Jesus wanted everyone to good like children. Jackson called wine "Jesus juice" because Jesus broke bread and shared wine with his disciples.

Lionel Richie stood in behind Jackson's casket that was covered by a large heap of flowers. Richie sang "Jesus Is Love" for Jackson to say farewell to him.

Scenes from inside of the Michael Jackson memorial service in Los Angeles, CA

Lionel Richie "Jesus Is Love" - video link.

Jul 7 2009 - Cicely Tyson on Michael Jackson: Tyson on Jackson vitiligo (photo)

Cicely Tyson said she had the same costume designer as Michael Jackson. Tyson and Jackson used to hire Bill Whitten. Once, Tyson saw Whitten working on a glove. Tyson said Whitten told her the glove was for Jackson to hide the skin condition on his hand. Tyson believed Jackson had vitiligo.

40th NAACP Image Awards Arrivals

Jul 7 2009 - Michael Jackson's casket was closed. There would be no death pictures of Michael Jackson for the public. Usher was the only singer who went up to Michael Jackson's casket to touch the casket.

Michael Jackson casket was covered by a large bouquet of red flowers together with green leaves.

Michael Jackson casket pictures:



Michael Jackson memorial service held at Staples Center in Los Angeles.


Michael Jackson memorial service held at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Jul 7 2009 - Michael Jackson death certificate: Michael Jackson death certificate (photo)
Michael Jackson death certificate is here. La Toya Jackson was the informer who filled up the blanks on her brother Michael's death certificate. People usually do not list the address of a rental home as the place of residence. On Jackson's death certificate, his residence was listed as his mother's home address in Encino.

Michael Jackson death certificate - link.

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