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Apr 302009

Michael Hebranko is a serial dieter. Hebranko has gained and lost weight many times during his life time. Hebranko used to weigh 1,100 pounds when he was at his heaviest at 38 years old. Hebranko shared his story on Oprah so that others may benefit from his experiences.

Hebranko disclosed how he managed to put on so much weight. Hebranko said he ate 24 pork chops, 2 pounds of bacon and 36 eggs in one meal. Hebranko said he lost control of his eating habit and was suicidal. Hebranko saved himself by writing a letter to Richard Simmons.

Simmons helped Hebranko lose weight of about 1000 pounds over a period of about less than 2 years. However, Hebranko piled on the weight again in 6 years. Hebranko went to rehab twice. Now, at 55, Hebranko said he weighed 350 plus pounds and was losing weight slowly.

Hebranko, born on May 14, 1953, suffers from morbid obesity. He lives in Brooklyn and has a case of extreme morbid obesity. Hebranko was one of the heaviest people in the world, before he started dieting to lose some weight. Hebranko has been a guest on TV talk shows like the Wogan, in the UK, and The Howard Stern Show.

When he was at his heaviest weight, Hebranko weighed 500 kg, or 1100 pounds.

Michael Hebranko. Link includes photos.

More pictures of Michael Hebranko at the DM link.

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