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May 312009

Michael Blagg, 44, appealed against his conviction in 2004. Blagg has lost his appeal. Blagg’s conviction for the murder of his wife, Jennifer Blagg, still stands.

The background of the story on Michael Blagg, his wife Jennifer Blagg and their daughter, Abby Blagg:

Jennifer Blagg and Abby Blagg, 6, disappeared from their home on Nov 12 or Nov 13, in 2001. When Jennifer’s body was discovered in the Mesa County Landfill, 7 months later, around June 2002, it was determined she was shot in the head at close range.

Abby Blagg was never found. Michael was not charged with her death because of several reasons. The prosecutor thought the jury would convict Mr Blagg if the trial wasn’t complicated by bringing in the presumed death of Abby Blagg.

Over the years, there were tips from the public who claimed they had seen girls resembling Abby but none of the leads panned out. Investigators who traced the Blagg family’s finances said there was no flow of money to suggest that funds were being used to support the girl, if she were still alive and in hiding with someone.

Michael Blagg was addicted to internet porn. The prosecutors painted Blagg as a husband who abused his wife because of his addiction to pornography. Mr Blagg’s lawyers objected and filed two appellate appeals.

Blagg was convicted for first degree murder in 2004. Blagg was later sentenced to life in prison. Michael Blagg reported his wife and daughter missing in Nov 2001. Jennifer Blagg’s body was found in a landfill 7 months after she went missing. Abby Blagg, the daughter, has not been found. Abby Blagg has been presumed dead.

Jennifer Blagg & Abby Blagg.

Jennifer Blagg & Abby Blagg

Michael Blagg.

Michael Blagg

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