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Oct 072009

April 5 2011 – Meredith Vieira leaving Today Show. Why is Meredith Vieira leaving the Today show? For one, her contract expires at the end of 2011. Secondly, she said she was tired of her grueling schedule which demanded an early to bed, early to rise routine.

Feb 25 2011 – Meredith Vieira, one of the co-hosts of The Today Show, was on the Jay Leno show when she was asked about her interview with Colin Firth and James Franco. Vieira had talked to Firth and offered to polish his Best Actor Oscar statue if he won. Then Vieira also offered to do the same for James Franco. Vieira made quaint gestures with hands to imply she was polishing. It seems Vieira has been attracting a fair bit of attention this week.

Meredith Vieira used to be on Naked News. Vieira is now a co-anchor with NBC “Today”. Before Vieira was established in TV, she had to start off somewhere in Naked News.

Jay Leno, the host of his own show, The Jay Leno Show, did a special segment to show Vieira in her naked glory but the clip was photoshopped. Vieira admitted she did Naked News for “just one month”.

Jay Leno was doing the topic inspired by David Letterman. It was about which TV host personality who had a creepy or sleazy past.

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Susan Boyle & Meredith Vieira TODAY July 22 2009 (video)

Meredith Vieira, of the talk show “Today”, interviewed Susan Boyle, which will be aired on July 22. Boyle, 48, the runner-up for 2009 Britain’s Got Talent, surprised everyone with a new makeover.

Boyle, nicknamed SuBo by the press, downplayed her new looks. Boyle just credited it to brushing up. SuBo said she was having a great time with her new found fame. Boyle described her journey as unbelievable and indescribable.

Meredith Vieira is the first journalist to interview Susan Boyle after her discharge from The Priory. Boyle was admitted for treatment for exhaustion.

Boyle has recuperated and started her new phase in life. Boyle has been recording for her debut album under Simon Cowell’s record label, SyCo.

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