Melinda Dennehy: School teacher Melinda Dennehy sexting naked pictures (photo)

Melinda Dennehy, a high school teacher, sent her naked photos to a student. Dennehy, 41, an English Language teacher, sent nude pictures to her student, 15 years old. The boy, in Londonderry High School, forwarded Dennehy’s nude photos to his friends.

The teenager said Dennehy texted him messages. Basically, Dennehy engaged in sexting. The male student said Dennehy had kissed him in a classroom in school, on 2 occasions.

Dennehy, of Hampstead, northwest of Concord, was charged with one felony count of indecent exposure. Dennehy, a mother of 2 children, posted bail and was released. She will be due in court on April 30.

Dennehy, meanwhile, has to stay away from minors under 16 years old.

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