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Aug 052009

July 26 2010 – Maurice Clarett served 3 and ½ years in prison for various offences and was released short of his original 7 and ½ year term after he applied for parole. Clarett applied to return to Ohio State University and has resumed his studies.

Aug 5 2009 – Maurice Clarett: What happened to Maurice Clarett (photo)

What happened to Maurice Clarett? Maurice Clarett, a former NFL player, is in prison serving a sentence for armed robbery. Clarett has been locked up since 2006 and asked for clemency from the Ohio Governor.

Maurice Clarett changed his mind and withdrew his request. Clarett will be released in 2014 after he serves his sentence.

In 2003 – Freshman running back Maurice Clarett #13 of the Ohio State Buckeyes takes in the BCS Championship victory over the University of Miami Hurricanes in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl at Sun Devil Stadium on January 3, 2003 in Tempe, Arizona. Ohio State won the game 31-24 in double-overtime, winning the NCAA National Championship.

Clarett takes in the victory over Miami

Mar 4 2009 – Maurice Clarett website: Maurice Clarett blogs from prison

Maurice Clarett, former Ohio State footballer, blogs from prison. Clarett wrote that he blogged from prison so that others would learn from his mistake.

Clarett was convicted and sentenced for aggravated robbery and carrying a concealed weapon. Clarett has to serve 3 and a half years for a robbery outside a bar in Columbus. Clarett was also convicted for carrying loaded guns in his SUV. Clarett tried to evade police with a high speed chase but he was caught anyway.

Clarett does not key in his blog posts from prison but dictates them to relatives. They do the actual posting on the Maurice Clarett website.

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