Matthew Nolan, Christopher Nolan’s brother, arrested for murder

Matthew Nolan, brother of director Christopher Nolan, was arrested in Chicago. The FBI arrested Matthew Nolan as a suspect in a murder committed in 2005. Matthew Nolan is accused of killing Robert Cohen, a businessman, in Costa Rica In 2005.

Matthew Nolan and his alleged accomplice, Douglas Mejia, traveled to Costa Rica to get Mr Cohen to repay a debt he owed to another businessman. Nolan and Mejia acted as debt collectors. Mejia was arrested, tried and convicted in Costa Rica for the murder of Cohen. Nolan escaped back into the US.

Matthew Nolan was being investigated by the Chicago Police for an alleged check fraud scam. The Police learned Nolan was wanted by the FBI. This led to Nolan’s arrest. Matthew Nolan will be extradited to Costa Rica to face charges.

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