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Aug 172009

Matt Keough (Matthew Keough) was arrested on Saturday afternoon, August 15. Keough, a former major league baseball player, is a guest star in “The Real Housewives of Orange County”.

Keough was accused of hitting a stop sign in Coto de Caza, California. Keough didn’t stop after he was told to pull over. Deputies followed Keough back home. Officers tested Keough’s blood and found he had exceeded the legal blood alcohol by 3 times. Keough was arrested and held on a $10,000 bond.

In 2005, Matt Keough was arrested for DUI. In 2008, Keough violated the terms of his probation when he was found drinking at a bar. Keough was thrown into prison for 180 days.

Matthew Keough was once married to a former Playboy Playmate, Jeana Tomasino. Tomasino was one of the housewives in the reality Tv show, The Real Housewives of Orange County. During season three of TRHOOC, Tomasino said that she had separated from her husband, Matt Keough.

Matt Keough arrested – mug shot link.

Matt Keough wiki.

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  1. Friday, September 18, 2009
    ‘Real Housewives’ husband charged with DUI
    Former Major League pitcher Matt Keough accused of drunken driving.
    The Orange County Register

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