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Oct 272009

Matt Bomer is dating Simon Halls. Halls is one of the chief executive officers of PMK/ HBH agency. The other co-CEO is Cindi Berger. PMK/ HBH is a publicity firm.

Bomer, an actor, has worked on “Chuck” and “Northern Shore”. Bomer’s father is John Bomer, a former footballer with the Dallas Cowboys.

Simon Hall’s company, PMK/ HBH, has several celebrity clients like Kirsten Dunst, Jude Law, Ang Lee and Helen Mirren.

Updated Dec 29 2010 –

Matt Bomer can sing! Bomer shared a duet with Kelli O’Hara, singing “It Only Takes A Moment”. The song was from the musical “Hello, Dolly”. Bomer and O’Hara performed at a function at the Kennedy Center Honors.

Updated Nov 1 2010 – Matt Bomer in movie “Now”.

Matt Bomer has signed on to star in the science fiction movie, “Now”. Bomer will be directed by Andrew Niccol.

Other cast members of “Now” are Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Alex Petyfer, etc.

“Now” is a story set in the future about how man can live forever, but for a steep price. The aging gene has been switched off and life expectancy increases. The price is measured in units of time, as the currency. People do barter trade with units of their life.

Updated July 27 2010 – An episode of White Collar aired on the night of July 27 was dedicated to John Bolz. Mr John Bolz was the best boy grip who worked on the set of White Collar. Bolz was one of the technicians working on the rigging and lighting for White Collar. On the night of May 10, John Bolz was killed in a one car accident. The detailed post is at this link.

Updated July 20 2010:

Matt Bomer made an appearance at the 2010 Do Something Awards on July 19. Bomer wore a combo of half formal attire, consisting of a striped shirt, held high with a collar and tie. Bomer’s vest tied down his body to show a slim silhouette. Blue jeans and canvas sneakers completed Matthew Bomer’s fashionable look.

Matt Bomer.

Matt Bomer

Updated April 7 –

Matthew Bomer and Simon Halls have been an informal gay couple for a long time. Bomer, an actor in White Collar, and Halls, a publicist, have children and are raising them together. As of today, April 7, 2010, Bomer and Halls are still together and they were seen at a public function together.

Matt Bomer joke in Oct 2009.

Jenna Wolfe, one of the TV presenters of the Today Show, introduced Matt as Matt Boner and the rest of the interviewees laughed at the slip. No one knew if Jenna Wolfe intended it as a joke or had a Freudian slip.

Matt Bomer bio.
Matt Bomer was born Matthew Staton Bomer, on Oct 11, 1977. Bomer is an actor who has done work on stage, TV and films. Bomer’s hometown is in Spring, in Houston, Texas. His parents are Sissi Bomer and John Bomer. Matt Bomer has a brother Neill, and a sister named Megan. Matt went to school at the Klein High School, near Houston.

Matt Bomer went to college at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He graduated with a BA in Fine Arts. Bomer relocated again to New York and worked on stage. Gradually, he became noticed and landed roles on TV.

Matt Bomer’s hobbies.
Matt is athletic as he likes sports such as playing football, baseball and tennis. On the fine arts aspects such as music, Bomer likes playing the guitar.

Matt Bomer photo.

Matt Bomer

Matthew Bomer.

Matthew Bomer

Matthew Bomer.

Matthew Bomer

Matthew Bomer, without his shirt, shows off a toned and muscled body.

Matthew Bomer

Matt Bomer’s full name is Matthew Staton Bomer. Bomer was born on Oct 11, 1977. Bomer’s profession is being an actor on stage, TV and film.

Matt Bomer’s hometown is in Spring, Houston, Texas. Bomer’s parents are John Bomer and Sissi Bomer. Bomer wanted to play football with the Dallas Cowboys but he failed to make the team at the final round draft pick.

Matt Bomer went to college at the Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Bomer graduated with a BA in Fine Arts.

Bomer moved to New York and obtained work in TV. His current role is in White Collar, where he plays Neal Caffrey, an ex-con who has become a consultant to the FBI.

Feb 1 2011 –

Matt Bomer visited the West Coast and Jimmy Kimmel. Bomer’s show is shot in New York City so he rarely gets a chance to come down to the warmer climate of California. Bomer was a guest of Kimmel’s on the show. He told his host about meeting the former President Bill Clinton, and how the ex-president was a fan of the USA network comedy. Bomer is going to watch the Super Bowl. He refused to reveal who he would be rooting for.

Matt Bomer

Feb 4 2011 –
Matt Bomer sang a duet with Diahann Carroll. Billy Dee Williams played the piano accompaniment for Bomer and Carroll. The song was included in an episode for White Collar, scheduled to be aired on Feb 8, 2011.

Updated Feb 13 2012 –
Matt Bomer came out as a gay man. Matt Bomer talked about how he felt that his family was his greatest achievement. Bomer thanked his partner, Simon Halls, and his children, Kit, Walker and Henry. Bomer said they taught him about unconditional love.

Bomer made his disclosures during a red carpet event on Saturday, Feb 11, 2012. It was the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards. Bomer had received the New Generation Arts and Activism Award for assisting in the battle against HIV/AIDS.

Hollywood and insiders had long known about Matt Bomer’s orientation but were tight lipped about it. Bomer chose his time in revealing his personal life.

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  1. i don’t care if he is gay, as he and his partner love each other, some of my best friends are gay, one of my favourite singers is gay darren hayes of savage garden, some people can be so shallow, i don’t know if it’s just me but i think gay guys seem to take more pride in their appearance than straight guys, but then that’s just me.

  2. This is a response to Chris. I am a Christian Gay Man and I take it you have read the entire bible. Have you read the parts that condemn you for eating shellfish or wear clothes made from fabrics of two or more different materials or that you must beat disobedient children with a rod or that tithing is righteous in Gods eyes and how about men having many wives and having slaves or shuning different races. I for one believe in a Loving God that judges us for how we treat our fellow man not how we hate and judge them. So before you climb back up on your high horse let me say I do not hate OR judge you, I pity your close mindedness and willingness to judge what you do not understand. I know Jesus Christ in my Lord and Savior and I hope I have Him to meet me on my day of judgement, and not people like you. Sorry for being long winded but I have had it with Christians who hate and use my God to do it.

  3. Matt Bomer is an amazing actor, great singer and very gorgeous

  4. No the Bible says homosexuality is WRONG and you cant accept bits of the Bible that you think works and deny the rest and Christians shouldnt hate them but try to save them but homosexuaity is wrong and sick and if they dont repent they will go to hell so Christians should try to save them

  5. who cares..he is a great actor…stop the hate people..if your not cool with gay fine..im not cool with bigots…but we are all entitled to our opinions..but when your opinion prevents me from the same rights you have, then you need to think why your so priviledged…its sad to read the above comments and see how homosexuals marrying will not make any difference to you and your family…stop hating people…your born this way..you do not choose this…if you cant understand that then i am truly sorry for you.

  6. The only reason I watch the show is to look at him.

  7. That is so unwanted children may have Homes. You pray God intervenes. You better pray for yourself–for forgiveness….”Judge Not Lest Ye’ Be Judged.” Do you think he doesn’t see right throu you. If you were a true Spiritual, you would be very worried, and ask God to remove the hate from your heart, if you have one!!

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