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Dec 022008

Jean-Luc Bilodeau was born on November 4, 1990. Bilodeau’s hometown is in Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada. Bilodeau is an actor who started his acting career in 2004. Bilodeau is best known for his roles in “Kyle XY”, “Ill Fated”, “Trick ‘r Treat”, “16 Wishes” and etc.

Bilodeau used to dance hip hop but had to stop because of his busy schedule in filming. Bilodeau is Canadian but he lives in California presently.

Jean-Luc’s parents are Raymond Bilodeau and Barb Bilodeau. His sister, Danielle Bilodeau, is a talent agent, who works in their hometown in Vancouver, BC.

Bilodeau used to be based in Canada and he had to travel down to Hollywood whenever his casting agent got him an audition. So now he just lives in California.

Bilodeua revealed his idol was Jim Carrey. He used to do impersonations of Carrey as he loved to make people laugh. Bilodeau likes beng the center of attention so he strives to become a good actor so that he can hog the spotlight.

Bilodeau is a musician in his own time. Bilodeau plays the drums and he is constantly on the lookout for chances for him to showcase his talent on screen. If a TV or movie character is required to play the drums, Bilodeau would gladly accept the role.

Bilodeau likes working on the big screen movies more than the TV series as he says the bigger budget and longer span of time allows a better pace for work. The TV set, time and budget forces it to be quick paced in taping.

Bilodeau wants to play more action heroes as he’s interested in those kind of roles.

Jean-Luc Bilodeau.

Jean-Luc Bilodeau

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