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Jan 182009

Martina McBride was born Martina Mariea Schiff in Medicine Lodge, Kansas, in 1966. Schiff McBride spent her childhood in Sharon, Kansas. McBride’s small town had 200 people. Martina Schiff married John McBride, a studio engineer. He helped to produce Martina’s first demo tape, which won Martina her recording contract with Nashville’s RCA Records, in 1991.

Martina and John McBride have three daughters. They are Delaney Katharine McBride (b. 22 December 1994), Emma Justine McBride (b. 29 March 1998), and Ava Rose Kathleen McBride (b. 20 June 2005).

Martina McBride, the country music singer, sang God Bless America. Video here.

Martina McBride wiki.

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  1. I love u Martina!

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