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Dec 132011

Marshawn Lynch gets his sugar rush from Skittles, a candy. Skittles is the legal performance enhancing sweet which comes in a variety of flavors to whet the appetite for more Skittles. Marshawn Lynch either rewards himself for a good performance on the field, or consoles himself, by popping some rainbow colored candy.

The sweet company was so grateful to Lynch for advertising their brand that they donated to him, 2 years’ free supply of Skittles, and a Skittle dispenser, for his locker. It’ll be Skittles all the way for Lynch.

His mother used to run out to the store to buy a packet for him before a game. Now, Mommy can put up her feet and rest at home, with her mind at ease, knowing her son can eat all the Skittles he wants. Skittles will be just a locker room away for Lynch.

Skittles Original, in the red wrapper packing, carries the fruit flavor

Skittles Wild Berry, (strongly recommended) in a purple pack, has berries flavor.

Skittles Sour is packed in a green pack.

Skittles Tropical is what it says, in a blue colored box or soft pack, carrying the tropical flavors.

Skittles Crazy Cores, is in an orange packet.

Skittles Blenders Blended Fruit has a yellow background wrapper.

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