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Aug 082010

A bridegroom accidentally killed his father and two aunts in Akcagoze village, in south-eastern Gaziantep province, in Turkey. The groom was excited as he celebrated his wedding day and he fired a AK-47 assault rifle weapon in the air. The bridegroom lost control and bullets sprayed down on his wedding guests. Eight wedding guests were injured. Three died. The bridegroom was arrested and never got to enjoy his wedding night with his new bride.

The firing of guns in the air in Turkey is a tradition sometimes done on weddings. There have been injuries and deaths but history repeats itself.

One model of the AK-47 assault rifle.

AK-47 assault rifle

Calogero Scimea, a substitute wedding day photographer, was fatally shot by the bridegroom Ignazio Licodia or bride Valentina Anitra. Scimea, 45, asked the Valentina Anitra, 22, and Ignazio Licodia, 25, to pose holding hunting rifles but one weapon blasted him in the head. The death happened at the family home of Licodia. Local police in Palermo, Sicily, were unable to confirm exactly when the rifle went off as the witnesses refused to talk to authorities.

Wedding Day tragedy in Sicily:

Wedding Day tragedies

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