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Jul 072009

Brandon Jackson was the twin brother of Marlon Jackson. Brandon Jackson was still born during childbirth. Katherine Jackson had an emergency Caesarian operation to give birth to her twins. The Jackson twins were several weeks premature but had to be delivered due to some complication in their mother’s pregnancy.

During Michael Jackson’s memorial, Marlon Jackson spoke directly to Michael, addressing him, asking him to give their brother, Brandon Jackson, a hug from him.

Marlon Jackson participated in The Jackson’s music efforts. According to some sources, Marlon had a difficult time coping but he managed to do a good job. Joe Jackson allegedly criticized him for his singing and dancing. Later, Marlon even helped to produce his sister Rebbie Jackson’s song, Centipede.

After Marlon left show biz, he became a real estate agent. One of the latest gossip about his job is that he has changed his profession again and may have become a supermarket worker.

Marlon Jackson married in August 1975, when he was 18. Jackson married Carol Ann Parker. The Jackson couple has three children; Valencia Jackson, Brittany Jackson, and Marlon Jackson Jr. Marlon now has two grandchildren. Marlon and Rebbie Jackson are the only Jackson siblings who have never divorced.

Michael Jackson Music and Memorabilia

Marlon Jackson and Janet Jackson at Michael’s memorial:

Memorial Service For Michael Jackson Draws Thousands Of Fans And Mourners

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  2. And to the extended Jackson Family,May God Bless you all. You will see Michael again. Believe and have faith in God.

  3. This is a message to the Jackson Family:I am the same age of Michael,as a matter of fact,six months older. My family has listened to the J5,ever since they started singing. They were discovered by Diana Ross,if I’m not mistaken.Please correct me if I’m wrong. The Jackson family is like a carbon copy of my family. The strange thing about it,almost “everything” was a carbon copy. From the same ages and the 9 kids and a sibling’s death at birth to the parents becoming Jehovah’s Witnesses,and…..of course more,I’d rather not get into.This is to remind Randy,Janet,Michael,Marlon,LaToya,Tito,Jermaine,Jackie and Rebbie,we all still love you and will always remember you all and Katherine and Joe forever,no matter what. My family understand exactly what you guys are going through. And yes,we lost one of our brothers in December,2009. He was the best dancer in our family.And no,his name was not Michael..Michael will always be in our hearts forever. Thank you for taking the time to read this and remember,God will not put no more on you than you can bare. RIP Michael. You will be missed forever.:-( The Johnson Family.

  4. Hello Jermaine. Happy belated birthday! You are still the sexiest Jackson! P.S. I am glad that your parents’ aren’t getting a divorce. I love you all! You are such an awesome family!

  5. michael marlon janet and jackie oh an tito are my favorites but i love marlon and michael more rip mike

  6. bradley is a jealous loser.

  7. Were Marlon and Brandon identical or fraternal twins?

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  9. caesarian sections suck but marlon is cute!

  10. rip michael i love you. you were the only entertainer that i ever cared about and you were definately the best! (ps. michael was cute marlon is cute but jermaine is fricken hott)!!!

  11. rip mj. i love you. you were the only entertainer that i ever cared about and you were definately the best! (ps. michael and marlon was and are cute respectively but jermaine is hott )!!!

  12. Judge not least you be judged. He was accused of molestation and acquited. People will forever have their opinions of Michael Jackson and they reserve the right to think however they want. Regardless of what is said, debated, etc. their minds will never sway from their opinions. The sadness is that Bubbaa55 said some horrible things. Although it is not easy to forget that Michael Jackson was the world’s biggest star, we must first remember that he was one of God’s creations. May God forever have mercy on your soul Bubbaa55 and I pray that you will never have to endure what Michael had to endure.

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