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Aug 072010

Jodie Fisher posed in Playboy September 1980. The photo of Jodie Fisher in Playboy September 1980 is below.

Jodie Fisher Playboy September 1980

The raw NSFW pic is at the link.

Mark Hurd’s wife and children need not fear Jodie Fisher. Ms Jodie Fisher (photo below) said she never had an affair with Mark Hurd.

Jodie Fiisher.

Jodie Fisher

Jodie Fisher gossip:

Jodie Fisher said she was the woman whose lawyer contacted HP in June 2010 to claim sexual harassment from Mark Hurd. Jodie Fisher is a former actress who appeared in Sheer Passion, Intimate Obsession etc. Ms Fisher said she worked for HP as a customer relations executive in the US and overseas.

Jodie Fisher, 50, said she never had an affair with Mark Hurd, and never had an improper relationship with Hurd. Fisher stressed she has settled with Hurd and will not be talking more about the matter. Fisher expressed regret Hurd resigned over her claim.

Jodie Fisher, 50, was born on July 17, 1960. Fisher was once a contestant on the reality TV show, The Age Of Love. Fisher competed with 12 other women for the hand of Mark Philippoussis. Philippoussis is a tennis player and celebrity.

Fisher used to be an actress in her younger days, when she was in her 30s, but she became a business woman later. Fisher has a degree in Political Science, as she graduated from Texas Tech. Fisher used to work in real estate and was the VP of the property firm. Fisher has also worked for the government, under the committee of Narcotics Abuse and Control.

Jodie Fisher was once married but is now divorced. Fisher has a son named Jack, who is around 11 – 12 years old.

Jodie Fisher

Jodie Fisher in Intimate Obsession

Jodie Fisher: Jodie Fisher in Body Of Influence 2 movie.

Jodie Fisher in Body Of Influence 2

Jodie Fisher

Jodie Fisher

Jodie Fisher movies were R-rated.

Body of Influence 2

Intimate Obsession

Lisa Boyle Sheer Passion Jodie Fisher Unrated Uncut Region 2 Pal Import English Audio and Cover

Intimate Obsession [VHS]

Dead by Dawn [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.0 Import - Australia ]

Adult Sinema


Mark Hurd has a wife and two children. Hurd, 53, was married before the scandalous claim revealed he allegedly made inappropriate payments to a woman contractor of HP. We wish we could say no worries, Hurd has offered to repay the differences in the accounts. But why didn’t Hurd take the money out of his own pocket to pay the woman in the first place? It should be clump change for Hurd. The amounts allegedly under dispute are between $1000 to $20,000.

The woman is represented by Gloria Allred. Ms Allred clarified that her client did not engage in sexual relations or affair with Mark Hurd. So what exactly did they engage in?

One version of the rumors said the woman accused Hurd of sexual harassment. So maybe the money was hush money?

Hurd resigned as CEO of Hewlett Packard after being investigated for faking expense reports. Hurd allegedly paid a female contractor money and was involved in a relationship/ business relationship or whatever relationship with the woman.(Since Allred denied there was ever anything sexual between Hurd and her client).

Hurd  is rumored to be getting $28 million to go away. What a nice farewell present.

Mark Hurd is still known to be married.

Mark Hurd

Mark Hurd

Mark Hurd

Mark Hurd

Updated Dec 30 2011 –
Gloria Allred was allegedly told that Jodie Fisher was taken out to dinner on her first day at work, in Hewlett Packard. The then CEO, Mark Hurd, touched Fisher and invited her to spend the night with him. Fisher and Hurd met on several other occasions, when they had work together. Hurd allegedly tried to make friends with Fisher. Allred defended Fisher, saying she was polite in her refusals at Hurd’s overtures, as she didn’t wish to lose her job. All these claims were made by Allred/ Fisher. Hurd allegedly said he was popular with women, had many female girlfriends and knew Sheryl Crow, the singer.

Fisher has denied the claims in Allred’s letter. So has Hurd. HP said they conducted their own investigations. HP contends there were no evidence for sexual harassment, but Hurd could have used the expense account for dinners with Fisher.

There are doubts about the recantations from Fisher about the events described by Allred. Some think that the backtracking was done to help cover up the details after Fisher received a settlement.

Mark Hurd resigned from HP in Aug 2010. He joined Oracle, as a company President.

Jodie Fisher was in the show, Age of Love, between May/June 2007.

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  1. Just maybe part of the settlement included statements from both parties that there was nothing sexual or intimate. I would not trust statements to the contrary, given all the facts currently available.

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