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Feb 052009

Christie Baskin and Bobbie Baskin were kidnapped 20 years ago in Tennessee. Their parents, Mark Baskin and Debbie Baskin, never saw them for 20 years. Debbie’s parents, Marvin Maple and Sandra Maple, kidnapped their grandchildren, Christi and Bobby Baskin in 1989.

Marvin Maple was arrested. Maple had changed his name to John Bunting. Sandra Maple died in March 2006. The Maple couple changed the children’s names to Jennifer Bunting and Jonathan Bunting. People who knew Marvin Maple though Jonathan Bunting was his son.

Marvin Maple, 72, was arrested in San Jose, Calif. The children were also living in the San Jose area. Jennifer Bunting aka Christie Baskin is in her 20s and a nursing student. Her brother, Jonathan Bunting aka Bobbie Baskin, is also in his 20s and is married with 2 kids.

Marvin Maple had claimed Debbie and Mark Baskin were sexually abusing their children. Christie Baskin was abducted when she was 8 and Bobbie was 7 years old. Jennifer Bunting is now 28 and Jonathan Bunting is 27.

Marvin Maple will be extradited to Tennessee to face charges.

Christie Baskin and Bobbie Baskin link.

Christie Baskin and Bobbie Baskin photo link.

Video on the Baskin case.

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