Marjorie Orbin allegedly killed Jay Orbin over Larry Weisberg (photos/ video)

Why did Marjorie Orbin kill Jay Orbin? Was it for the love of Larry Weisberg?

“48 Hours Mystery” has the tape on “Diary of a Showgirl”. Marjorie Orbin was the showgirl stripper who was married 7 times. Ms Orbin was 35 years old when she was married for the seventh time. Orbin’s husband, Jay Orbin, suddenly went missing in September 2004. Mr Orbin’s family and friends were worried about him but Marjorie didn’t appear to be upset over his disappearance.

A few weeks later, Jay Orbin’s body was found in the desert. Orbin was decapitated and his limbs were missing. Orbin’s body was mutilated and kept in a big Rubbermaid container.

Marjorie Orbin was arrested when video evidence showed she bought the big Rubbermaid container that contained Mr Orbin’s torso. Ms Orbin’s then boyfriend, Larry Weisberg, testified that she killed Mr Orbin. Weisberg wanted to save himself and cut a deal to avoid standing trial. Ms Orbin was tried for the murder of her husband and convicted. Ms Orbin was sentenced to life in prison. Orbin serves time in the Estrella Jail in Phoenix, Arizona.

Who was Jay Orbin and how did he meet Marjorie? Orbin was a salesman who got hooked after watching Marjorie perform in Las Vegas. Jay and Marjorie dated and got married. Ms Orbin gave birth to their son named Noah.

The producers of the TV program, “48 Hours Mystery”, gave Ms Orbin a video camera to use when she was jailed.

Ms Orbin made her prison video diaries. Orbin recorded her testimony of how Weisberg killed Jay Orbin. Ms Orbin claimed Weisberg made a surprise visit to her home while her husband was in and there was a fight. Weisberg killed Mr Orbin and threatened to kill her child. Ms Orbin said she was forced to lie and cover up the crime.

Updated with verdict and sentencing of Marjorie Orbin

Marjorie Orbin, 48, was sentenced to life in prison in January 2010. Judge Arthur Anderson rejected her request for a new trial. Marjorie Orbin said she would be appealing against her life sentence.

Noah Orbin, the son left behind by Jay Orbin, is being cared for by Jake Orbin, Jay’s brother. Jake said he was glad Marjorie has been sentenced to spend the rest of her life behind bars.

Marjorie Orbin.

Marjorie Orbin

Marjorie Orbin recording her video diaries in prison.

Marjorie Orbin

Marjorie Orbin

Marjorie Orbin

Marjorie Orbin

Marjorie Orbin

Marjorie Orbin

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34 Responses to Marjorie Orbin allegedly killed Jay Orbin over Larry Weisberg (photos/ video)

  1. After reading the book, Dancing with Death, I can’t understand why Marjorie hated Jay so much. Alot of women would be glad to have a husband or boyfriend like Jay was. He loved people. He was not selfish. Reading this makes me appreciate my husband all the more.

  2. tonysam

    Larry Weisberg was and is completely and totally innocent of the murder. He, like Jay Orbin, was a nice guy who fell sucker for a narcissistic sociopath. If anything, I believe Marjorie planned to kill Jay for a long time and decided to take up with Larry in order to set him up. I don’t see how anybody could possibly believe her after watching that video “diary.”

  3. Christine

    as a battered woman, and a mother, I found Marjorie’s reaction to the photo of her husband’s torso, believable and shocking. I know, in the same situation, I would have done anything to protect my son. She made errors, having an affair with a brutal, violent man, however, the police should never have given her boyfriend immunity so that he could make self-serving claims about his lack of involvement. This is a shocking case. Many victims, especially the child. But, I believe Marjorie, and I think she protected her son the best way she knew how.

  4. Wayne

    I hope and pray that at least some of these comments were submitted by elementary school students. That way I will not have such a hopeless outlook for the state of our current education system. Spelling in some cases is unbelievable and in others not one coherent, complete sentence can be found. If I am wrong about the authors of these comments in question, then be very afraid!

    P. S. She did it!

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