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Apr 222009

Oct 13 2010 – Gavin Rossdale confirmed he had a one time gay sexual encounter with Marilyn, real name Peter Robinson.

Gavin Rossdale had denied for the past 15 years that Boy George wrote the truth about his friendship with Marilyn. Even today, Rossdale would only admit to a one time sexual experience with Marilyn, despite the latter’s claim that their friendship lasted 5 years. Marilyn, 47, had said in 2009, that he protected Rossdale by denying their past together.

Rossdale explained he denied his past friendship with Marilyn because his band Bush was just starting out in the US and he didn’t want the glare of the media on his sexuality.

April 22 2009 – Marilyn, aka Peter Robinson, is a British singer who claimed he had a secret sexual relationship with Gavin Rossdale. Rossdale is the husband of Gwen Stefani. Marilyn gave his interview to In Touch magazine.

Boy George had written about Marilyn and Gavin Rossdale in 1995 in his book, “Take It Like A Man”. Boy George had mentioned that Marilyn and Rossdale had an affair. The book caused a reaction from Marilyn and Rossdale. Both denied having a gay affair. Rossdale said Marilyn was his good friend.

Marilyn has decided he wants to tell the truth. Marilyn said he was with Rossdale for 5 years in the early 1980s.

Now Marilyn said he denied about his affair because Rossdale asked him to. Rossdale had become successful in the US and did not want to be associated with his past. Rossdale’s representative has denied Marilyn’s claims.

Gavin Rossdale has been married to Gwen Stefani. Rossdale is now 43 and has two children with Stefani.

In Touch photos.

Marilyn Peter Robinson & Gavin Rossdale photo.

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  1. Gwen Steffani resembles Marilyn Peter Robinson that’s why Gavin married her and she gave him children.Steffani needs to talk with Gavin he has alot of secrets in the closet.

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