Maria José Martínez Patino: woman with Y chromosome

Maria José Martínez Patino was a Spanish Hurdler who was tested positive for the Y chromosome in the 1980s. She was pardoned and and granted right to participate in 1988. Now, in 2008, Beijing Olympics demands that all women athletes take the gender test.

The nude test…

Before chromosome testing became available, woemn athletes were asked to parade naked for visual checking. Ewa Klobukowska, in 1967, was banned from taking part in sprinting because she failed her chromosome test. In 1966, Ewa Klobukowska had undergone the naked test and passed. So, she looked like a woman but internally, she had the gene of a man.

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  1. Derek

    Few years after flanking the chromosome test Eva Klobukowska gave birth to a son but her carrier as a sprinter was already ruined by Soviet scientist who administered the test. By the way she not bad looking.

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