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Aug 222008

Margaret Cho’s husband, Al Ridenour, and her parents, Young-Hie and Seung-Hoon Cho, will be supporting her when she competes in Dancing with the Stars. As Cho is an artist, she is not new to being nude and the skimpy costumes of DWTS will not be new to her. A simple search in any search engine for “Margaret Cho nude or naked” will yield many results. Cho is a tattoo fan and she isn’t shy to show off her decorated skin.

Margaret Cho and her parents Young-Hie and Seung-Hoon Cho.

Margaret Cho and parents Young-Hie and Seung-Hoon Cho

Margaret Cho, the Korean-American comic, has her own show called “The Cho Show.” Margaret Cho’s parents; Seung Hoon and Young Hie Cho share her spotlight and help her.

Margaret Cho was born on Dec 5, 1968. Cho is 41 now. Besides being a comedienne, Cho is a TV and film actress too. Cho is a social activist. Much of her comedy is derived from contemporary issues like politics, LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender), personal image, personal battles with alcohol/ drugs/ weight loss and etc.

Instead of harping on filial piety, Margaret Cho reverts to modern nonchalance when she explained that she did not fly the coop because “old people are a really good source of medication.” Margaret Cho’s fans number the gays and those with a sense of humor.

Margaret Cho marred Al Ridenour in 2003. Cho said she has a conventional marriage. Cho said before marriage that she is bisexual and thus an advocate for LGBT rights.

Al Ridenour.

Al Ridenour was born on March 6, 1961. Al Ridenour is a performance artist and producer of the group called the “Art of Bleeding”. Ridenour was a former member of the L.A. Cacophony Society. Ridenour is an ordained minister from the Universal Life Church. Ridenour’s orientation is straight, although his wife Cho is a bisexual.

Margaret Cho husband Al Ridenour

Margaret Cho husband Al Ridenour

Margaret Cho husband Al Ridenour and a friend.

Al Ridenour & friend

When Margaret Cho isn’t naked, she wears controversial, quirky attire such as this.

Margaret Cho

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