Marcello Lucero: Marcello Lucero killed

Marcello Lucero, of Ecuador, 37, was stabbed to death in Patchogue, on Saturday night, November 8. Suffolk County Police found Marcello Lucero knifed in his chest. Police said they detained 7 white boys whose ages were 16 and 17. These boys were from Medford and East Patchogue. The group of boys were charged with gang assault. One boy was charged with manslaughter as a hate crime. The boys would be held in jail until their formal charges were read on Monday, November 10.

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3 Responses to Marcello Lucero: Marcello Lucero killed

  1. BY

    As someone from Long Island I find it horrible that this stuff still goes on. I hope these kids rot in hell for what they did.

  2. M.Borja

    I am half Ecuadorian myself and it really just makes me sad….I dont wish them to “rot in hell”…There is something definately wrong in the mind of someone who kills…and the “hell” of a “correctional” facility will never help such a person…..its just sad.

  3. god bless

    these kids should rot in hell, disgrace will get theirs in jail, welcome aboard

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