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Jun 242009

Sam Kinison’s widow, Malika Borghese, has sued her brother-in-law, William Kinison, for forging her late husband’s will. Borghese has filed her lawsuit 17 years after her husband of 5 days died in a car accident.

Borghese claimed that William Kinison forged a fake will of Sam Kinison by drafting it and forging Sam’s signature on the fake will after Sam died. Borghese claimed William exploited Sam’s image and voice after his death.

Borghese claimed that in 2007, she heard someone confessing that he was in the forgery of the will that gave the bulk of Sam’s estate to his brother, William Kinison. Borghese has started this lawsuit now because she was unaware of the alleged forgery 17 years ago.

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  2 Responses to “Malika Borghese sues William Kinison: Borghese Kinison lawsuit”

  1. I wouldn’t rush to judgment. From what I’ve seen and heard of Bill Kinison, he seams like he really loved his brother and has done a good job keeping Sam’s memory a live. I’ve seen him and heard him doing the memorial show on The Screamin’ Sam Show(Tribute to Sam Kinison) and you can really feel how much he misses Sam and how much he wishes he was still around. Plus they worked together for many years. And don’t forget they are brothers. It would only make sense that there would be a will in place allowing Bill continue managing Sam, so to speak, in his absence.

    As far as this unknown witness, that’s just come forward after 17 years in the middle of a huge recession, right after HBO announces they’ve cast the part of Sam Kinison for their upcoming movie; sounds a little too coincidental. They (Malika and Accuser) may think they deserve or possibly can scam some money from the upcoming movie which is in part based on Bill Kinison’s book Brother Sam. After reading Brother Sam, a great book by Bill Kinison, I would beg to differ. He told his story of Sam that I don’t believe Sam’s widow could have ever pulled off. Bills book had the perfect tone, background story, and energy that makes readers feel a real connection with Sam Kinison like only a brother could know. Bottom Line is I believe Bill Kinison’s story of Sam is essential to this movie and Bill has every right to it and to get paid for it regardless of these accusations or what any will says or doesn’t say.

    I bet you Screamin’ Sam,is going to tear a part Malika on his weekly Radio or TV show (google “The Screamin Sam Show”) . It would be cool if Screamin’ Sam got Craig Gass, back on the show to talk some smack in Sam Kinison’s voice. May be an ex-wife story from the grave about how after he’s been gone for 17 years she’s still after his money. For better or for worse the show’s going to have a quite a bit of new material to work with as this develops.

  2. This is nothing but a big fat lie! Get a job!

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