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Jan 062009

August 1 2010 – Maia Campbell arrested for cocaine etc:

Maia Campbell, 33, of Los Angeles, was arrested on Monday, July 5, 2010. Campbell was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, driving under the influence, driving without a license, a probation violation, and a warrant of arrest. Maia Campbell, a former actress/ singer, was detained in jail. Campbell’s bail was set at $36,000.

Maia Campbell rant on the sidewalk video link.

Cops in Santa Monica pulled over Campbell when they saw her driving past and speeding in the area. Campbell failed to produce a driver’s license. Officers saw she was worked up, agitated and unable to follow instructions. They suspected she was under the influence.

Campbell’s vehicle was searched and they found a glass cylinder with a white substance. Tests indicated the substance was cocaine.

Jan 6 2009 – Maia Campbell is an actress. Campbell’s famous role was as Tiffany Warren in “In The House.”

In one video, Maia Campbell sang and suddenly she pulled down her tube top to show her breasts. There were at least 2 males around, a cameraman and another male stood at the corridor of the room. The guys knew Maia Campbell and something was wrong. They talked about cutting/editing that out. The NSFW video is below.

Credit to MediaTakeOut.com for discovering Maia Campbell was warded at a mental hospital in California around the time of Nov. 23, 2007. Maia Campbell was diagnosed as being bipolar and schizophrenic. There was no significant news on Maia Campbell after that.

Maia Campbell sang topless video link.

Maia Campbell wiki.

There has been talk that Campbell takes crack. Campbell sometimes looked disorganized with her long hair unkempt. That was how gossip generated that she wasn’t taking care of herself. There was concern that she may be influenced and unable to comprehend her own state. There is a rumor circulating on Campbell having a crack addiction and her video taking the drug was shot.

Another rumor that has surfaced said Maia Campbell was working as a street walker.

Maia Campbell talking rough in NSFW language. The videographer interviewed her and may have taunted her to get her talking like that. Maia Campbell trash talking video link.

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