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Feb 032011

Duane Chapman, aka Dog The Bounty Hunter, has a daughter named Lyssa. Lyssa Chapman has filed for divorce from her husband, Bo Galanti. Chapman alleged her husband was violent towards her in several domestic abuse situations. Lyssa filed for divorce on Feb 1, 2011.

Lyssa Chapman’s background:
Lyssa Rae Chapman’s nickname is Baby Lyssa, because she is the ninth child. Her mother, Lyssa Rae Brittain, is the third wife of Duane Chapman. Lyssa gave birth to her firstborn, a baby girl, when she was 15 years old. That meant she was 14 when she first conceived her daughter. The father of the baby was 24 years old and he was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to prison, for sexual abuse on the underaged Lyssa. At that time, she was living in Alaska, with her mother. After 6 years, when she was 17 years old, Lyssa returned to Hawaii.

Lyssa works for her father’s company, Da Kine Bail Bonds, in Hawaii.

Lyssa Chapman & Bo Galanti:
Lyssa married Brahman Galanti, aka Bo Galanti. Lyssa gave birth to her second child, another daughter, on August 7, 2009. This second natural child was named Madalynn Grace Chapman-Galanti.

In Oct 2010, the domestic situation grew so bad that Lyssa threw her estranged husband out of their home. Bo Galanti returned and the couple went for marriage counseling.

Lyssa had asked her parents for help but although everyone went after Galanti, he didn’t change.

Since Galanti and Chapman failed to heal their relationship, she decided to file for divorce, after 2 years of marriage.

Updated March 16 2011 –
Lyssa Chapman was arrested on Tuesday night, March 15, 2011. Lyssa has since been detained in a jail, in Hawaii. Lyssa is Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter and ninth child. She is also known by her nickname, Baby Lyssa.

On March 15, Lyssa was arrested on charges of criminal property damage and harassment, in Honolulu.

What happened that led to Lyssa’s arrest?
Lyssa Chapman had banged on the doors of some houses. She was accused of harassing the people. She became angry after talking to a resident in one of the houses, and damaged a window. When police arrived, Chapman knocked away an officer’s cell phone. Chapman was arrested for third degree property damage and harassment. Chapman was detained in jail because her father and step mother were not ready to pay her bail. Beth Chapman tweeted a message to explain they knew more than what was released in the press.

Later, it was revealed that the property that was damaged belonged to Bo Galanti.

Lyssa Chapman filed for divorce from her husband, in Feb 2011. Before her filing, Lyssa claimed she had been abused by her husband. It started on Dec 31 2009, and there were allegedly a total of 4 occasions when Bo was physically violent with Lyssa. Bo refused to leave the house but after several attempts to evict him, he has finally left Lyssa’s house.

Why do marriages fail? A marriage creates a boundary around the couple and around each partner in the union. A married person knows the new boundaries that need to be respected. A violation of boundary invites potential for more serious problematic developments. It takes two to clap hands and two people committing boundary crossings spell infidelity and affair. What makes a married spouse desire to seduce or fall into temptation? The perception of dissatisfaction with the present spouse is the fault. When the perception is that desires are met even in a marriage that is far from perfect, the marriage may survive. If a person is happy with an unsatisfactory partner, the marriage remains solid as a rock.

Updated August 2014 – Lyssa’s break
Lyssa doesn’t want to be known as the baby any longer. She wrote her autobiography, entitles “Walking on Eggshells: Discovering Strength and Courage Amid Chaos”. She was 25 years old in 2013, when she decided to tell the story of her life so far. Lyssa shared her difficulties growing up in what she called dysfunctional circumstances. In the season of 2013, The A & E reality TV show had a smaller cast. Four old cast members were missing for various reasons. Beth said Duan Lee, Baby Lyssa, Tim and Bobby had left for 2013.

Lyssa Chapman has opened her new business with a partner. Her tanning salon is in Oahu. She has started on her new project, a reality TV show to help young women. The show will feature recovery from substance abuse, parenting as a single mother, and family relationships. Lyssa said her fans contacted her to ask advice. She reached out and practically helped them out of routine hardships like child caring, and many other problems. That gave her the idea for filming a reality show on mentoring girls and young women. She didn’t want to depend on her dad’s bounty hunter show to ride on his coat tails. Lyssa wanted her own business ventures. She decided it was time to break away and be independent. Lyssa has a good relationship with her ex-husband. Their daughters spend time with their dad on short

September 13 2014 – Lyssa Chapman car accident
Lyssa Chapman, 27, and her two kids were in a car crash in Honolulu, Hawaii. The condition of the driver and children, Abbie and Madalynn, 12 and 5 years old, are unknown. Lyssa’s mother is Lyssa Rae Brittain. Her father’s present wife, Beth, could only tell the news source that Lyssa was involved in a car accident.

Lyssa Chapman

Lyssa Chapman

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  26 Responses to “Lyssa Chapman divorces Bo Galanti”

  1. I think that any negtive post need removed. This life we live is hard enough without bullies.. Its so sad to see people open up and share their lifes for all to see but then to be called names and talked about.. Come on.. This world we live in is a sad one. You know the kindess people i ever meet were other inmates when i was in prison… If u point your finger at someone u have three pointing back at yourself. … Lyssa keep strong mama

  2. I am so proud of her. I also come from a rough childhood and have delt with my own addiction to heroin and was married to a very abusive man. Lyssa our lifes are so similar its scary.. I did have a good mom who was stright but i know too well what you have been through.

  3. I think this family is wonderful. They have helped a lot of people. All you haters out there should say some prayers for yourselves.

  4. Baby lyssa chapman iam fan of ur family u guys rock and stay out of abusive relationships

  5. lisa.keep on showing yourself you can live your life the way you want to. D.on’t give up on yourself and your family. Do whats right for you. You will be a better person. I know you can do it. Love and prayers to you and your family.


  7. EDDIE “shame on you” thats the way to show how a REAL abuser is. Going by your response shows that you point fingers at others when maybe you should point to yourself since you are talking about a woman & family like that. Everyone has had highs & lows. E1 has made mistakes or wished they could rewind a part in their life that they wished never happen. Just like you there are other idiots out there that think its ok to talk like that about a family who have made mistakes & have to deal with that in the back of ther minds. I ONLY have 1 thing to say to you. Would you like it if someone was talking about your sister &family like you are? Probably not so stop being rude. I’m sure if you were in the Limelight they would bring stuff out that you’ve tried to hide or deal with. Just show a little class you’ll get further in life.

  8. I suggest that the Chapman’s take a long look at themselves first. They are just like there father. Duane. the man has been married no less than 5 times. and no marriage over 9 years. now on his 5th wife married since 2006 I think Ole Duane has met his match. Beth will take him out. The kids are the same way, they cannot seem to stay married either. but for sure have children at a real early age. Baby Lisa a child at the age of 15. Gee, she is messed up. And now the family Duane Lee, gone and living in Florida, and Leland living in Hawaii with his own company. It is a very sad family. But Duane SR treated the boys like crap. And they had enough of it. Plus working with family is very hard, and living together too. I do hope though that they get back together and the forgiveness happens before Duane SR dies. they will regret that. I wonder if the children are allowed to even see grand dad. and step grandma.

  9. Mr. Eddie Gallo, A shallow minded boy, He who is without sin, cast the first stone, eddie has no idea what that even means, so he clearly is a ** punk, and if you want a piece, for your reference, I’m 6′ 5″ 265 lbs, and assuredly I’d end you. Anyway, grow up, if that’s even possible, you can’t touch her, and why would she! Lys, just put the pieces back together, stay close to your pops, and don’t let the emotion of needing someone in your life be the reason, because now you know the down side of that thought ( potentially ). Work on being the best you, and love those babies with all your heart and soul, and your absolutely beautiful, inside and out, that smile is killer momma.

  10. Eddie…..it is a THIN line between love and hate. It is impossible to have that much hatred for someone if there was NOTHING you like about Baby Lyssa or the family!! If you truly don’t secretly like her or her family you wouldn’t care enough to be that rude!!

  11. they always say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.well i think sometimes we have to experience the things we do in order for us to experience life.this is what makes us stronger and hopefully wiser.you may have to go through more relationships like this one but in the longrun you will come out a better person by the knowledge you gain from them.then you will be saying”you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.well i know what i had and i am glad you are gone!”

  12. It’s amazing how we expect perfection out of other people. Yes she is a role model, but no one is perfect. And Eddie we know all of this because the Chapman family has been honest about their past….this is why they say they are a second chance family.

  13. EDDIE …………..Tim Chapman is NOT part of the family (just so you know)!!

  14. Eddie Gallo’ You seem to have a very disgusting impression of Lyssa. You are a foul mouthed know it all and think you are all that when in reality you are just a little boy in mens clothing. The world would be better off if you keep your opinions to yourself.

  15. For all you people out there who want to talk about this girl, like you yourself have Never made any mistakes or done anything you wish you could change ( Be very careful for those who live in glass houses should Not throw stones). If you have never been in an abusive relationship ( Keep your mouths shut) you have No Idea What it is until you have walked in those shoes!!!
    Lyssa you have a very close family who loves you and are there for you, take advantage of it, between God , Family & Counseling & ABOVE ALL ELSE PUT YOUR DAUGHTERS BEFORE EVERTHING & EVERYBODY ELSE!! You will make it you have a strong heart & compassion. Live your life to the Fullest. NEVER EVER LET A MAN MAKE YOU DOUBT YOURSELF.
    My Love To All

  16. Lyssa, I am sory for your problems. Please learn from these mistakes. Stop with the Baby Lyssa name. Your are a grown woman with two daughters. Show them and your family you are grown up now. I enjoy your show very much. Learn from the people your family goes after. You don’t want to be like them. Goe Bless the complete family.

  17. Pour Lyssa you will be better off with out him , you will be awonder full mother with out him.You also have wonderful parents to help you out when needed.

  18. Lyssa, i feel for you my ex husband use to beat me up all the time. i divorced him and moved on with my life noe i have a husband who treats me like a queen we just got married november 19,2011 it was the happest day of my life. i hope you really read these replys. i would love to talk to you about this kind of stuff and let you know your king is out there looking for you, just like my king found me his queen. i hope to get a message from you and i hope you happiness pray with your god and he will never let you down, well you take care girl and i hope to here from you soon, your far away friend corri i live in erie p.a.

  19. WOW Eddie G. You sure do have strong opinions of people based on their past mistakes. I sure am glad that God has forgiven me for mine and i know has forgiven them too. Jesus Christ is the reason they can stand strong today and the reason they are so successful and happy. I pray that you can find that same peace in your life. That kind of narrow minded hatred must make you pretty miserable. I feel bad for you. Keep the faith baby Lyssa and try not to let the haters bring you down.

  20. It didn’t surprise me at all to learn that she was arrested. Look at the dysfunctional family she comes from. Her father served a number of years in prison for murder. He’s also a racist who called his son’s wife or girlfriend the “n” word. Her step mother Beth, had her child taken away from her many years ago. Tim Chapman was arrested for attempted murder and for rubbing one out in a parking lot. lmao! Her brother Duane Lee was a junkie years ago. Her other brother is currently in prison and is also a junkie. These are just the stories that we know about. What other secrets are hidden in their closet? Lyssa, a little advice, learn to keep your legs closed, “SLUT!” You’re not all “that” like you think you are. It’s amazing to me that idiots like Jerry, Butch and bre (morons who left responses to this story) idolize a girl like this. She’s a skank and a low-life and so is her family.

  21. im not buying abused women do not go out of thier way to damage the abusers property after seperation………………………………………….

  22. I would treat her right
    I dont understand why some MEN HIT SEXY WOMEN
    You are Fine Lyssa
    keep smiling beautiful GIRL!

  23. Get rid of that Moron Lyssa… You have so much going on for yourself.. So think before acting….. Who knows after the Dog Show you may have more ops. Keep yourself clean and Happy. !

  24. Too big for her britches.

  25. From my understanding going through a divorce can be difficult. Lyssa try to remain strong and turn to God for help and read His Word so that you can be daily strengthened

  26. good he need it she is to beautiful to put up up with him

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