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Sep 092009

A man was buried in his car. The man who wished to be buried in his car was Lonnie Holloway, in South Carolina. Holloway was 90 when he died. Holloway said his burial wish was to be buried in his beloved green 1973 Catalina car.

The man wanted to be buried in his car to drive to Heaven in style. Mr Holloway, of Saluda, SC, was buried with a $100 bill in his pocket for his expenses. His friends placed his guns in the boot of his Catalina because they were following Holloway’s last wishes. Holloway had told them he didn’t want his guns to fall into the wrong hands.

The funeral home was told in advance of Mr Holloway’s wish to be buried in his car. They arranged with a wrecker and crane operator to do the service of lifting the car and lowering it into the burial plot.

Lonnie Holloway man buried in car

Mr Lonnie Holloway, man buried in car.

Lonnie Holloway, man buried in car

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